My Brey……

I will never know you in this life. I know that you were with me even for a short period of time. I loved you from the moment those lines showed up. Your Daddy was so excited for you to join us. Your brothers were really hoping you were going to finally be the sister they were asking for.

I’m sorry that things didn’t work out like we had hoped. Your due date is closing in on us. You would have been my summer baby. Sure life would have been hard and uncomfortable. Sure plans were going to have to adjust with your arrival. We were willing to do whatever it would take to keep you safe and happy. I’m am not sure what happened my sweet soul, but I guess our time just wasn’t right. My soul died a bit when we found out you would not be joining us earth side. It’s okay sweet soul. I will still love you forever and you will remain in my heart.

I love you Brey and like all the little souls before you you will live in my heart forever.


Where did we go wrong?

We live in world that is honestly all mixed up. Values and morals are things of the past. Your word means nothing any more. Often people worry about walking down the street someday for fear of getting attacked.

Where did we go wrong?

We are more concerned about a young ladies dance moves than we are about declaring chemical warfare. We tell our young women what to wear but don’t tell our young men not to rape. Simply because it’s a primal urge and he can’t help himself.

Where did we go wrong?

We talk about removing science from our schools. When we are already removing arts and music. While religion has it’s place. If we are to have freedom of religion it should not be being preached in schools that is for the family to decide.

Where did we go wrong?

We cry about other countries and the travesty that they commit in their own but we are afraid to go into our back yard. We refuse to look at our neighbours who are starving and have no job, because our economy shot.

Where did we go wrong?

We could feed the hungry. we have support systems but instead of helping other we help our bank account. There is profit in someone elses pain

Where did we go wrong?

Every day I see the news and I wonder what has happened to the human spirit? Some days I wonder if the light of goodness has gone out? Where did we go wrong? We stopped treating each other as neighbour friends and family. We started worrying more about the money in the bank and the toys in the garage. We were too busy keeping up with the Jones’ that we forgot to smile and get to know them.

We need to stop we need to take 100 steps back. We need to care, support and lift up each other. Right now we are killing each other and killing our future. We need more random acts of kindness. we need more love. we need to get to know our neighbours again with understanding and trust.

Can we do it?