Away he went…..

Did you ever go to summer camp? My first time was when I was 13. I spent most of my youth going between parents homes in my summers and camping. But as a child I never went to summer camp. This year after much discussion and pondering, we decided that Damian could go to camp. He will be 8 this year and we found a camp that a friend of mine had been attending her whole life. Plus she was going to be there the week that D was able to go so he would have a familiar face. ( and someone for mommy to check in with, on stealth mode)

D at Camp


The camp he went to was a small non denominational Christian based camp. Both of these things were important to us. It is a small camp with a great staff to camper ratio, 1:3. They keeps the kids so busy with activities, theme nights and lots of personal building. The have a chapel time where they can keep things focused on the saviour, but not too much that the kids are bored with it. Activities include archery, rock climbing, skateboarding. They have a challenge rope course, they do drama times, campfires, water activities. I’m sure there is more that D didn’t tell me about that they did in his 6 days of extreme fun.

I loved when we picked him up that other staff members knew who he was and said bye to him by name. When I checked him out his cabin leader told me that he had some wonderful scripture based talks with Damian. It filled my heart with immense joy that I sent my son somewhere that he was loved and cared for, for the week. While I missed my biggest boy so much that week I know it really was a great choice for us to have sent him to camp.




And in the end all you need is LOVE

Is this what you have seen for the last day all over Facebook? I this what is covering your news feed on Facebook? It has mine.
Now there are a few facts that I need to lay out about me before I go further. 1. I believe in Christ and a loving Heavenly Father 2. I believe in agency and the freedoms we are given here on earth.
This was taken off of Facebook I don’t know the original credit

I fully support equal rights in marriage. We claim that now the days of forced marriages for profit are over and that we marry for love. Love what a wonderful thing. Most everyone wants, desires and seeks love. A personal connection, a true deep connection. When you find the person who you can share that deep love and connection with you only hope that you can spend forever with that person. ❤ ❤

Yes there are nay sayers against equal rights marriage, some claiming all sorts of awful damnation. You know what though? This is where choice and agency come in. I believe we are here to live our lives, to love, to enjoy, to be happy.
Now there are people who spout that same sex relationship are the devils handiwork. I don’t know about that,but that is your choice to believe that. If you choose to not support same sex marriages then don’t attend one. If as a religious group you do not support same sex marriages then don’t have them in their buildings.
We need to step away from hating what we fear and do not understand.
Now is the time for people to step away from their interpretation of what God likes and doesn’t. We need to remember that above all we need love and compassion.
Also if we really want to get biblical ” So when they continues asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”  John 8:7
I know very well that every single person sins at least once a day and as long as you wish to have a heterosexual relationship you are allowed to marry. Let’s stop casting stones at those who sin differently then you and remember to go back to the core fundamentals of love. In a world that need a whole lot more love and a whole lot less hate, let’s get back to basics.
If you take this person to be your lawfully wedded spouse. For richer or for poorer, through sickness and health. Then so be it!
We are a developing people we believe in truth, beauty and love. Let’s start showing it.
I love you for who you are. I think that you should be allowed to have a civil marriage with a justice of the peace if you should choose. I also believe that if you choose to live a lifestyle that is not condoned be a certain sec of people that you should not expect them to change any more then they should expect you to change. Have you marriage of the land and love your spouse with all your heart..
Religions of the world to stay out of politics and mind your own business. If you do not agree with them, you must love them still but you are free to close your doors. Extinguish the hate, learn to love and accept. My brothers and sister of the world that is your choice and your freedom.

Homeschooling, why in the heck would anyone do it??

Quite simply because it is awesome!
I love watching my children explore their world whether it is learning to walk or learning basic math skills.  My children keep me busy most days, mostly with questions about this or that. They are according to me quite simply wonderful little beings. I have blogged a bit about homeschooling here, our journey and my thoughts. it needs work but it’s a work in progress. Much like many other things that I do.
Now I have had so many people tell me they wish they had done that, or usually a lot of people tell me that they could never do it that they aren’t smart enough to school their child. I usually smile and give hope and encouragement to them. If your children are in school and you think they would benefit from being home then bring them home. Now it sounds simple but isn’t always so, some kids don’t want to be home. There are many reasons but most of them I find are all socially based, they want their friends. I really don’t understand why people seem to think that you don’t have friends when you homeschool. Sure my kids don’t see the exact same kids every weekday. They do have friends lots of friends, of varying ages too! Learning at home is becoming much more popular right now and with the distance learning centers and alternative schools there are more options then there ever were.
Now what are some of my big reasons for homeschooling.
1- I didn’t like the idea of full day, week long kindergarten.
2- My little guy is busy he is not a sit and do something for 5 minutes kind of kid.
3- They are little for only so long. Both of us didn’t `t want him away for many hours each day

Why does homeschooling work for us and not others? I really don’t know, to tell you the truth. There are days where it’s not sunshine and roses. There are stormy days but they end just like every other storm we encounter. I weigh the pros against the cons and my kids always win.

Here is my with my three monkeys that I get to spend my days with.