Everybody has a disorder nowadays, but …..

Have you noticed the labelling going on these days? Either they have a label or they are seeking a label or they have been told by someone that they should have a label.

Why does everyone one want some sort of disorder diagnosis? Is it a badge of honour? Does it excuse you for poor behaviour?

This is personal for me. I have a diagnosis  and it is hard to deal with. I really should see someone and have all the labels figured out and put on paper. I have been medicated, I have lived with people knowing I have a messed up brain chemistry. I have dealt with the looks and stares because I can just not be like everyone else.

I am currently not on medication because I don’t think the way normal people do even when on medication. I moderate myself with my diet. I have to stick to my diet or the issues arise again. I often fail. I often have to pick myself back up and remind myself that I am worth it. Just because I am not like everyone else, doesn’t make me less.

Having yourself labelled doesn’t always make life easier. It actually can make it harder. While you may now understand that it is just they way your body is. You still need to learn how to function in society  You still need to learn how to just move little bit consistently so you don’t have the build up of energy that makes you want to jump and and run around a room screaming. You have to learn how to read the company you are in as to how much you can talk and what you can talk about. You have to learn coping mechanisms with your own personal issues because people will just think you are bat shit crazy if they knew what really was going on in your mind.

I have a diagnosis of ADHD ( attention deficit hyperactive disorder), I also have chronic depression, dealing and anxiety and paranoia. I have been medicated in the past when I have had bad episodes. I don’t like being on medication, I can’t think right, sure I may not have the feelings of restlessness or debilitating sadness, but I just have a cloud in my head.

This is why I use food. good food, whole food. When I eat a clean unprocessed diet, I feel better in my body. I need to eat whole fats like butter, cream, avocados and fish. I eat lots of vegetables and fruits. I limited my grain intake. I try and stay away from artificial dyes and processed white sugar. I know what happens when I eat stuff that I shouldn’t, my body hurts and my brain fritzes.  This way though I know what is going into my body.

Having a label doesn’t give you a free pass to act like a jerk. It should be to make you accountable for yourself. knowing that you have something that is off give you responsibility to learn how to act. It is harder, it is a challenge. We are unique individuals who think differently, having a label doesn’t make you special. You are special you already know that. Having a label does give you a special badge, it is not something to brag about. It does not put you into an elite club. It gives you more challenges, pretty much daily.

Don’t take a diagnosis lightly, it is not funny or a game to those of us who deal with the challenges daily. It is not something to get extra attention or money for. It is not something to make your life easier. Sure  there may be benefits right now, but once you have that label you have it for life. A misdiagnosis can follow you for the rest of your life.


Going outside the box

Do you get into a cooking rut sometimes? Find yourself making the same things over and over?

Well think outside the box. Try something different!

Here you see a stir fry with onions, carrots, peppers, farmers sausage, celery, noodles and yes brussel sprouts.

Take a moment and get adventurous with your food. you never know what you will create.

Take thing you know you like and things that you know are good for you and have some fun.

Getting out of the box can be the best thing for your menu. Stale menu’s lead to not wanting to cook or eat the same thing over and over again. Food can be a good friend but there always needs to be a bit of fun and respect in the mix.

Cuca-apple Salad

Cuca-apple  Salad

This is a nice quick salad. Easy to throw together and different from you normal.

6 Mini Cucumbers
1 cup of diced Tomatoes (fresh)
2 rings of Pineapple ( fresh is best)
1 handful of Mint (fresh)
1 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
2 tsp Chia seeds

Chop up the fruit and veggies and place them in a bowl. Dice up the mint and add it to the bowl. Top with balsimic vinegar and chia seeds. toss. Place in the fridge for about 1/2 an hour to let all the flavour mingle. Toss again and serve.

Servings for approximatley 3 people

Mamavation Monday ~~~~~ Travelling & Eating Healthy

We just had a wonderful family vacation

Las Vegas and Disneyland! It was a wonderful vacation, full of lots of walking, most days ended up with 8-12 + hours of walking). So we got our exercise in, and I was carrying Lil Squish most of the time in the carrier. Where we didn’t do as good was our diet.  With our place in Las Vegas we were n a condo with a full kitchen, wonderful we were able to cook our meals, money savings and much healthier foods. Once in Buena Park CA our hotel had a “kitchenette” which equates to a microwave and a bar fridge. Not quite what I was expecting but we made it work.
Breakfast usually was just cereal. It is quick and easy. I am not a morning person. We packed snack for the kids , natural granola bars, oranges for the kiddos to eat. Lunch we would go back to the room, and have what Bobo likes to call a snack lunch, Veggies, fruit and a sandwich. Dinners we another thing some days. Often we were going out, looking cheaper options too to keep the budget friendly Unfortunately when you are going for cheaper it is hard to get quality. I tried my best but some days I just felt like I couldn’t win. 
I accept it though, travelling and things will slip. I did what I could with the resources I had at the time. Plus side I didn’t gain weight on vacation like I often do, so I guess we can all have a little win. 

Resolutions Suck

Every new year people make resolutions and many by the first week have broken them. Next the feeling of failure and defeat come, and they give up. If they failed once they will fail again. That is the biggest issues!!!!

So many people wait till the new year to start something. Why wait? Why put yourself through the stress of over and over again punishing yourself, because you can’t change your life completely at the beginning of the new year.

Now I’m all for people changing their lives to be more of whatever it is that they want to be but taking smaller more reasonable steps, just makes more sense.

Did you know most people have quit their resolution by the end of January, just given up?

Why do you think that is? I’ll tell why I think that is.

They don’t have a plan. They don’t know what they are actually going to do about it. When the going gets tough what are they going to change? Whether it’s getting healthy, fit, losing weight, cleaning the house more, quitting smoking, even having more sex, whatever it is with out a real plan it will go no where.

Already today I see twitter and Facebook feeds asking how to get out of the funk of their resolution?  How to curb cravings and do you have to work out even when your sick?

Now trust me I’m great at figuring out how to fail at whatever I’m doing. I really don’t start with a well thought out plan. I have a plan for the first few days while I’m still energized but once it gets hard things fall apart.

Changing your life style is hard it take time effort and plans. It really does! I have read that it takes 21 days for a habit to form. Well I still waiting to find out how long to make that habit stick. because 21 days hasn’t been enough this far.

But not that changes!

I’m going for it. I will change.

Get a plan set some real goals and going for it 🙂

Mamavation Monday ~~~ Eating for a Change

Wow it is amazing how fast a week can go by, isn’t it? With being accepted into the Sisitahood, I have been trying to focus more on what I am doing and what is going into my body. I have two challenges for January going on. First I’m doing and ab challenge that I found online that is a few daily exercises to help target the core, a place where I know I am weak ( many people are!)

Second I’m doing a raw green smoothie challenge with Young and Raw. I like smoothies for my morning drink because it is easy and I know i’m getting lots of good stuff in my body to start the day. I make it an intention to never put more in my smoothie then I would actually eat at a sitting so I’m not overfilling my body.
this was a green smoothie for the whole family

So far it is going great. this past week I have focused on keeping my sugar down so I found a delish little snack that is so super good for you it can barely be called a treat, but those are the best kind. 🙂 We are having lots of veggies with dinner and little to no grains for me and not surprising i’m not feeling bloated and icky. 

Well that the update for m=now.. week one going well lets go for week two !!!

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Mamavation Monday- Pledge post

This is my first of hopefully many Mamavation posts.

This will be my pledge post.

I have been working on trying to get fit and get healthy for years now. I have tried some fad diets. I have tried committing to a work out routine. You know what though, I keep failing at the follow through. Very very sad.

exercise can be a family thing

I actually like working out as silly as it sounds. I like running, I like working with the heavy bag. I like being outside. I suck at commitment though, at least where my health is concerned. I have no trouble finding an excuse why I can’t do it. Right now it’s the weather. Though it’s silly because I like being outside and I don’t mind it once I’m out it’s just getting out. My kids are another excuse I use far too often. They, thought are my reason for needing to get into shape.  Really it boils down to being lazy. I really have no other push then the push inside me and it like to rest as well.

Alas exercise is only part of the issue

Beef &artichoke, sweet potatos & avacado

Food, what glorious food. I love to cook and I love to bake. This past year I have been on a quest of making healthier choices. It is working I am getting better. My food choices are much more aware of what I am eating. We are have real food! I don’t do pre packaged foods. I don’t do fake ” low fat” “fat free” processed stuff. The problem is treats, snacks and desserts. I love them. I like to eat them, they taste yummy. I keep them to a lower number then before, the problem is WHEN it eat them. I eat them once all the children have gone to bed and I remember that there are goodies in the cupboard and I want to eat them.  I have a problem I have an addiction to sugar I know I need to stop, but I feel crazy sometimes.
I wonder if I knew I was actually accountable to someone other then myself if I could kick the sugar bug.

I will really push harder to keep my commitments. This is a new year about to start. While I can’t recreate where i have been I can start now and change the ending!

I’m hoping the Sistahood can help me keep on track. I’m motivated to getting healthy and helping others along their way. Go 2013!!!

Get Adjusted

I am a big fan of Chiropractic. Now not  just anyone will do for me though. I’m picky about my chiropractors. I usually look for a referral from someone I trust before I go to a new chiropractor. I need to know that they trust in other forms of natural health care. I need to know that they truly believe in what they are doing. I need them to have a goal of overall wellness with Chiropractic only being a piece in the whole puzzle.

I have used Chiropractic in my pregnancies and with my newborns ( 3-6 weeks were their first adjustments) I use Chiropractic and massage for general wellness and pain management.

I encourage you to do your research and ask around before just going to anyone. make sure you know them and their skill set. Make sure that their philosophy will work for you!

As always I’m not a doctor. Do your own research and make your own decisions!


Emotional teeter totter

Your mental balance is very important. Going to emotional extremes can be extremely taxing on your your health. Most often people don’t think of their mental health when they are thinking about getting healthy. Your mental health is so important thought!

Your thoughts can change your success.

Stress can change progress.

Your self esteem can hold you back from seeing what you are doing

The need for praise can make you feel like a failure.

You need to be in a head space that you can go for your dreams. Where when people tell you what you are doing wont work, you believe in yourself. When they tell you you’ll gain it all back, you’ll know you can keep your success going. When they tell you there’s not point, if your going to have another baby. You’ll know that having a healthy fit body is better for both you and baby and that you can lose the weight again!

There will be down days, there will be up days. But you are in control of your emotions. You can decide how you are going to let people’s attitudes determine your emotions. You are a woman and you have all the power you need to do what you need to do. Go for it!!!!