Wanting to add….

We want to grow our family by another baby. Yes that would put us up to four children. I don’t know when this next baby is going to come. I’m hoping spring/summer of next year, but that seems like it might not be in the design of things at the moment.

I suppose I am one of those fortunate women who while breastfeeding I don’t ovulate. It has been nearly 17 months and still nothing. I know our next baby is waiting and will come in time. I know that the timing will be right for our family. It may not be what I want when I want but it will be what is needed.

I get a LOT of people asking me if we are going for the girl? For some reason people seem to think that because I have all boys, that the only reason to have another child is to have the other gender. It’s not we want to add to our family. We love our children each and everyone of them. This is not because they are boys, it is because they are wonderful individuals. I love each of them for who they are. Sure a girl might be fun but so would another boys. I’m not really particular on which I get. I will love my child regard less. Hopefully next year we can welcome a new addition. I will do random posts on our Trying To Conceive ( TTC) adventure.