Works well with others………

What does it mean to work well with others? Seriously? Everyone put it on their resume and it is such a token comment in any interview. It is something that children are graded on in school even. I’m looking at the world and wondering what does it really mean “works well with others”?

Honestly in my opinion the expectations of today’s society there is a major change in the wording needed, to explain what is expected. Works well for others! This is what is really wanted in most situations. Some one who is compliant and does what they are told with no resistance. This makes me sad, especially for children. Adults have more choice in the matter. If they don’t like the situation they are allowed to change it, children not so much.

Now when I think of a good team scenario I think of people who compliment each other, all having different strengths and weaknesses and corroborating together. This far too often isn’t what really happens in many situations, sure in some but really in most it isn’t. You have your boss and they tell you what to do.

I personally find it more and more that “works well with others” really is meaning I listen well and do as I’m told. Very rarely are people wanting someone with drive and ambition, who are wanting to move forwards and makes changes where they need to be made. What is wanted is someone who will put their head down and work, won’t cause confrontation or problems. Just simply do as wanted.

Is that who you want your child to be? Is that who you want to be? If you do then great, but I don’t. I want to work with others. I want to be free to make choices and decisions  I would like people to be open to new ideas, not just what corporate wants. I do not want to be a drone and I don’t want my children to be forced into becoming one. I want them to love life and enjoy.


Calorie- smalorie

Who hate counting calories? I know I do. So what do I do about, well I simply don’t count.

I know it’s crazy right. How can you possibly be trying to lose that last bit of baby weight and get into shape if you don’t count calories or points. How to I work towards my desired weight? Well I make smart choices. I eat whole real food. I’ll be honest I tried to count calories for or about 6 days. Drove me crazy. I don’t eat much for pre packaged food so I would have to input my entire recipes with quantities , ugh and figure out servings and all the stuff. I like cooking, not figuring stuff like that out. So I stopped, really was sucking the joy out of cooking for me.

I don’t have anything agaisnt people who do calorie count. It is something that I just can’t figure out.

Now I do fully acknowledge calories on processed foods. I can see the calories on the package, that I understand. When I go out or have a packaged snack I keep in check those calories. Mainly because I do not have full control of what is in the products. I like to know what is in my food and because I can’t dissect everything and ingredient lists don’t always appear fully forth coming with big fancy words that hide different things.

I also don’t fully understand how you get your calories burned unless you are on a tread mill and have it monitoring for you. I understand that you need to record your heart rate and all that but another fancy tool that I just don’t have the time or the money for.

I prefer really to keep it simple. what what I eat, keep it whole food high in nutritional value. keep processed foods low. And keep your body moving, find exercise in everything thing you can do. Keep pushing and keep moving.

Do you count your calories? If you do how do you do it?

When she finds her power……

Today marks International Women’s Day. It is the 102 anniversary, an admittedly the world is very different then it was back then. There has been many strides in rights for women, we now vote, become educated, we can hold just about any position in first world developed countries. We are women hear us roar!!!
It is not all sugar coating and candy though. It is still very hard for women. Everything from our reproductive organs, the clothes we wear to when and where we are allowed to pray, birth or breastfeed are under attack regularly. Yes to some these are very first world issues and there are always bigger issues at hand. Though why are we doing squabbling about small thing when there are bigger issues.
What are some big issues?

Work, Pay & Education
While women now are allowed in the work place there is still many male dominated fields. While many nay sayers will say that women are very welcome in many male dominated programs, the graduation rates show differently. In Canada only 3.7% of enrolled student are women and at a staggering 1.5% represent the graduation numbers. Now yes there are defiantly female dominated fields like nursing, teaching. There are many more field that are male dominated for post secondary education. The big shocker for that is more women are going to post secondary school. In 2006/2007 women represented 56% of enrollment and 59% of graduates.( Status of Women Canada)
Now we know that women have the education. Though women still often make less money then men for the same position. Now why is that?
Another argument I see is why women are not often seen in the position of power and authority. They are not often in the forefront of the organizations, even if they hold higher positions. Where are the women?
Violence against women
This is heart wrenching to think about. One in three women, TODAY, will be a victim of violence. That is over 1 billion individuals. That shocks my heart but I know it is possible the the numbers are much higher. There are things that are not currently included in what classifies violence against women most particularly obstetric violence. For more info on that please check out
Women living in conflict zones fear daily for them and their families. Most of the world refugees displaced by conflict are women and children. The levels of rape also increase in conflict areas increasing the violence against women. For some shocking facts look here
These are really the main arguments I hear about when I hear people stomping around about women’s rights. We want freedom with our bodies and if we choose to go to work we want to make the same amount of money!
Double Standards equation
There are a lot of double standards in the world. We need to be eliminating this thought ad stigma.  Feminism is about rights and freedom for women. Surprisingly it is not about crushing men. Equality is attainable if you stop the crushing and allow people to do what they desire and stop trying to control.

Find your power
Today recognize that you are a strong beautiful amazing person. Capable of doing whatever you desire. Whether it is to become a plumber or architect or stay home with the children. You have my support. Lets celebrate women. We have a far greater influence in this world then we often realize. Find your power and realize with good intentions how far you can go with it.
How will you be celebrating today?

Are you a food bully?

I read this story on CNN the other day and it just made my hear ache.Allergy Bullying: When food is the weapon. I really wonder what kind of world we live in that people are so insensitive to someone with an allergy that they would threaten them with it?

Then I got thinking how so many people just don’t think about people with allergies. The only thing people really seem to be aware of is peanuts and shellfish. The truth of the matter is there are so many other allergies out there with very serious consequences  The problem with some of these other allergies is it is hard to find your allergens is stuff. Say you have soy, dairy or a corn allergy, that stuff is in everything. things you wouldn’t even think it would be in.

I personally really try very hard to be aware of other allergies. I will make every effort I can to try and be sensitive and keep allergens out of my families meals when there will be others around . Now some people say that is just silly and impossible,but I feel it’s my responsibility. I can’t see why people wouldn’t be aware like that. If I know that people will be around I always ask if there are any allergies that I should be worried about. Maybe I’m a bit more sensitive because I know a number of people with very deadly allergies to what would seem to be random things. I would hate to be the person who sent someone into an allergic reaction to something that I could have prevented with just a bit of forethought.

Now I have heard some pretty crazy thing in regards to people with allergies. Some have commented on essentially removing them from the main population, like an allergy island. Or that if your child is  that sensitive that they should kept out of the public school system. The blatant disregard for other another’s well being shocks me, to the core. There are many speculations as to why the rise in sever food allergies in people. One of my favorite and most likely is all the modifications and crap in our food, our bodies are just simply now rejecting it. The thing is that this is something that keeps getting worse not better. There are also allergies that people don’t even know they have because they are not the life threatening. So many things are showing to be reactions for food in people, behavior, bloating, pain and many others. I suggest looking them up for a better understanding.

People with food allergies deserve to live a life without fear. They have the same rights as you do and while your inconvenience of not eating something thing while you are around them is not nearly as bad as them losing their life over your choice to not care. Think about how you would like to be treated if you had something a life altering condition, so some respect, Show some love. If you must have certain things in your meals that some one is allergic to you should to take precautions to help keep them safe. Wash your hands, don’t sit beside them. They are on the look out but if you care enough to help keep them safe it is one less person for them to worry about.

Peace, Love and Kindness will go a long way 🙂

2012 What a year!

What a year 🙂 So much has happened in our little family is the last year.
Thinking back and reflecting on 2012. Cael celebrated his first birthday and has learned so many things. He can walk, talk use a spoon, fork and a cup. He is so full of fun and it has been an amazing time,
In April a series of events lead Hubby to getting surgery on his ankle for a bone infection, that I guess he has had for years. We are so lucky that it was finally diagnosed and the issue has been solved. So happy that he has been pain free since then, which hopefully means no more flare ups.

Home Learning was really in full swing this year. We have gone on amazing field trips, met some amazing people and looking forward to continuing on this path for us. Damian joined beavers last year but really has gotten into it this year. I have joined on as a colony leader who who knows how long? 😉

This summer was truly amazing  it started off with the Stampede and the 100 year celebration. Damian got to ride in the parade with Great Grandpa. We also got to go to the Ponoka Stampeded with Grandpa, the boys had so much fun with that.  We we on rides, played some games and had a blast. Nothing quite like partying cowboy style!
 After a few weeks with family in Alberta we headed home to prepare for the Epic Extravaganza. What else could you call a 17 day road trip with three children across Canada and the upper USA! 4 provinces and I think 13 states we crossed while driving. We started off the trip with Hubby and mine 10 year high school reunion, and some fun on the lake. .  Saw my sisters, they both live far away from me, and their kids. Saw Hubby’s Dad & his little family,stayed with them for a few days.We went to Niagara Falls, one of my bucket list places, we even took a ride on the maid of the mist
 We stopped to see Mount Rushmore, or the “Mountain Men” as I called the last time I saw them ( I was 4 I think) Next to Yellowstone, where we got to see Old Faithful, and buffalo. At both National parks the boys worked towards their Junior Ranger badges, and still talk about them to this day.
Then we stopped in Salt Lake city  for the night to see the temple, So thrilled to be able to have been there as a member this time. Hopefully next time we go we can spend more time. We camped along the way with the children and yes the baby stayed in his cloth diapers for the trek. ( I have that many and with the stops at family I was able to do laundry )
Then fall came, back to reality….. and packing. You see before we left on the Epic Extravaganza we found a new home, A place that was going to meet our need more fully

I celebrated my birthday.I harvested my first successful garden. :)Then the move, I thankfully went off without a hitch. Next came the Damian and Ainsley’s birthdays, wow 6 & 4 I can barely believe it. November then December and I can barely believe it is over again. We have done so much this year but it still feels like 2012 just started.

I’m looking forward to 2013, I’m sure it will be amazing. We have plans and goals, I hope it works out for the best 🙂

It is a Challenge

Weightloss is no easy feat. It is hard work, lots of hard work. it is something you have to commit to. Every day you need to make an honest effort to stick to a proper diet, and exercise  even when you see all the ymumy things you could be eating.

Right now is the season of excess and gorging. So many people eat way more food then they should at fancy parties and get togethers. They drink way too much as well! Did you know that alcohol can contribute to weight gain and well and stalling a weightloss? Yes it is a sad truth for some who are on this journey to be brush with extra challenges, but you need to push through.

For those who have hit their goals and gotten to where they want to be. Now is not the time to lose it! Keep going don’t get lax. Often people will put on 5- 10  or more pounds through the holiday season. To some that may not seem like a lot but to someone who has been struggling with weightloss it can seem like a ton.

For me it seems so hard to get anywhere. When I’m at a party and there is yummy amazing food, yes I want to eat it. I get to eat real food without having to share. I get a dessert for ME! It is really easy to quickly go to far.

There is good news though!

You can still keep up with you goals. Eat smart and be conscious about what is going into your body.  Now still don’t go gorging at the parties. But you may be able to have a small treat, or a drink.

Keeping you healthy in this time of excess is very important. It can lead to less sicknesses which means not having to miss out

The Rights of a Child

Today is National Child Day. Today we celebrate the rights of children.

Canada’s national “Child Day” is held November 20th each year as enacted in Bill C-371, otherwise known as the  Child Day Act, by the Parliament of Canada in 1993.
It commemorates the United Nations adoption of two landmark documents concerned with the human rights of all children and youths.
On “Child Day”, Canadians honour our children and The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of The Child  on November 20th, 1959, and the The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child  on November 20th, 1989.
The Convention spells out the basic human rights to which children (under the age of 18) everywhere are entitled.
The purpose of Child Day is to promote awareness about the Convention to Canadians .
It is also a day to support Canadian children’s rights by voicing your concerns about Canadian children’s rights violations to the politicians of Canada and to educate our children about their rights and responsibilities.
All children have rights. More then just basic rights of food, water and shelter. Children have  the right to being cared for in a loving and understanding home, whether that be with the parents or another designated home. They have the right to social security, to grow and develop in health. I love that there are so many rights put out for our children to keep them safe and equal human beings in this world.
I feel that there are a few things more for me personally that children have rights to!
I believe all children have the right to the best food for their health, even in infancy. Yes I mean human milk, if you can’t produce it there are other ways. I believe that a child owns their body, all of it even from the time they are born, they have a right to not have their bodies modified, unless truly medically necessary  I believe children have a right to be equal with all other human beings, they are not less because they are little. I believe that children have the right to be children. That means they can play, laugh, climb trees and snuggle. They have the right to learn their emotions, it is a big job and they need your loving kindness. 
Children are wonderful little gifts.  They are innocent precious souls. How you treat them will form how the new generation will be. While you must fill their rights laid out by the UN, remember to fill their rights are a person, as you expect your right to be filled.

Thankful Thursday~~~~ Canada Rocks

Okay this week I am thankful for my country, Canada.

I’m sick and we have a health care system that yes I pay for monthly but it is not some ridiculous amount. ( but those who make less money don’t have to pay as much or pay nothing at all) I can go to any Doctor I wish and get treated. I love not having to stress over whether or not I can afford to take myself or any member of my family to see a physician. I also have the choice to take their advice or leave it. While not every Doctor agrees with how I choose to keep our family healthy there isn’t anything really that they can do about it.

Oh and I also love how amazingly beautiful it is up here. The seasons the mountains, the valley’s,  the prairies  the lakes. I love fall and I love the beauty of it all. How lucky am I?

on web

Learning to be Thankful ~~~~ A Challenge

Are you truly thankful for what you have in this life? Do you show gratitude in all that you do? Are you an example for others in your gratitude?

Living your life full of gratitude is a great way to be happier with your life. Unfortunately in this day and age of Me Me Me! It is hard and harder to do. We are constantly bombarded with new fancier gadgets, and trinkets. The commercialism in everyday life is overwhelming. As adults we have more of a choice in the matter, but the children fall most greatly to all this pressure. I often see one of two situations, children asking and getting or children asking and getting yelled at. Neither of these methods tech children gratitude. Now a days children have just about no concept of money and how people go about getting it.

Now there are some people who say that children are ungrateful little mongrels, always whining and demanding. I simply don’t believe this is the case, mainly because these behaviors are taught.  If we want our children to have an attitude of gratitude, then we need to have one ourselves.

I know for me sometimes it is hard. Some people seem to have an easier time just being thankful where they are in life. I always want something better. I’m not super materialistic, it’s not stuff for me( all the time) but it’s places and doing things with the kids. I know I am plagued at times with thoughts of  “if we had more money….” This is not good thoughts to have. You don’t need more money, stuff or time. You need to be thankful for what you have. Yes we all need more money and time! But if we are thankful for what we have, the other stuff will come.

Express appreciation to people when they help you. This is more than just a simple thank you, sometimes it is actively acknowledging what it is that you are thankful for. Look at people and smile when you express your thankfulness.

Try this. For one month take each day to really be thankful for something. Be specific and genuine. Follow through on your gratitude. If you are thankful for someone, let them know. People do like to know that they are appreciated for the hard work the do. You children will see this, they are surprisingly observant.

Now I’m not saying be dramatically thankful, be genuine. Give it a real effort and see what happens.

Are you up for the Challenge?


Sharing the milk ~~ My story

Have you heard the saying ” Sharing is Caring”? Most of us learned this saying at a very young age, usually even before we start school. While this lovely mantra has been ingrained into our brains, many use it now with a mocking tone. This is unfortunate but sharing something with someone is a wonderful way to show how you care. There are many thing we can share in this world, but what would you say if I said you could share a gift of amazing nutrition with another? Most people would jump at the opportunity to share nutrition with someone, even more so for a baby.  Would you be shocked if I told you that people simply don’t do it. They don’t share with the babies, at least not many. They used to, but with the medical system we have been scared out of it. I’m talking about breast milk, it is a life supporting freely flowing source that comes out of almost every women, to one extent or another. Some women produce large amounts, some produce less. I was very fortunate to be a women who produced excessive milk. So much milk I needed to pump off for comfort reasons. with my first two I saved the milk. We used some of it eventually, but a lot just got old an went into the garbage. This saddened me but I had no idea what to use it for. It was never enough for milk banks, and I felt fundamentally opposed to the sale of my breast milk when I gave it to them for free. About two years ago, I heard about a wonderful Idea I hadn’t ever though of, giving the milk to a mom in need!  That way I could give what I had and she could use it, no matter how much or how little I had. This made my heart fill with so much happiness. I at the time didn’t have any milk to donate, due to being pregnant, but I loved watching the milky love flow.

Cael at 16 days

After I had Cael once again I had a surplus of milk. So I did what I had been doing with the previous two, I pumped. I didn’t pump all that often but I still had a pretty good storage in my freezer.  When Cael was 15 days old my friend had a baby, he ended up being a very big surprise. R was born with Downs Syndrome, He was a tiny little guy that had a whole world to conquer. We soon found out that he had a heart issue and feeding at the breast was exhausting for him, it took too much work and was strenuous. My friend then planned on pumping but between R and his older brother there just never seemed to be enough hours in a day. I spoke with her and asked what their plans were, she expressed frustration to me that she felt like she had no options. They couldn’t afford the milk bank but she wasn’t able to pump. She knew with all his health issue being on breast milk was going to be what would be best but it just seemed like it wouldn’t work. I took a deep breathe and offered she all I could. I told her I would give R my milk if she would have it. I really wasn’t sure what the response was going to be, we hadn’t ever talked about milk sharing before, in any real depth. What was just a few short seconds felt like forever. She said sure, she wanted to clear it with her hubby first but she would be more than happy to accept my gift.I breathed a sigh of relief, because what I was offering was something very unusual to many people After that I also sourced donors for her using the Human Milk 4 Human Babies Facebook groups.

milky brothers Left is R. right is Cael

Having breast milk turned out to be the greatest gift for R. after surgeries he has recovered much better then he did when he was having formula. His mom said she really noticed a difference in him when he is on breast milk or formula. He would gain weight and maintain better when he was having breastmilk, R would thrive with his momma milk. Time has passed and he is now reaching 18 months and my heart still smile thinking how we were able to help just one little guy. I know that he is doing better due to the nutrition I and several other moms were able to give. Not to mention the money we helped them save 🙂

This week is the 2nd Annual World MilkSharing Week. It is due to moms reaching out and helping on another that many many many babies have been able to have the nutrition they needed for their start in life. They were able to be fed from another mom when circumstances prevented their own mother from fully providing milk. With full disclosure and trust women are able to share this gift with others all around the world. I think this is truly amazing. There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child, why not use the village to feed the child as well.