Trying to make a change

You know what you want to do with your health. Though the big question is what are the steps that you need to take? Do you need to do a complete diet overhaul? Join a gym? Get a trainer? It all can get very overwhelming. Particularly if you are a busy mom with little ones it can seem like too much.

So what do you do?

Well remember back in school the ” K.I.S.S” acronym? If you don’t then you really need to know about this. It is quite easy and can be applied in many aspects of life.  Keep It Simple Silly ( or whatever “S” word you choose to use)

Thats about it. Keep it simple. Your body got the way it was over years, it wont change in just a few days it will take time and effort. Making small simple manageable steps will keep you going. Major over hauls get exhausting. Cutting out all your fave foods suck ass. You can make the change you want you just need to start smaller.

Start with going for a evening walk with the family or without if that will help sanity. Bring up the pace mix up the terrain. ( I have no shortage of hills in my area) Look up different workout routines on YouTube. Some of them can be really fun. Go try a yoga or Zumba class. For classes I wouldn’t suggesting getting a long membership right off the bat go for a month or two before shelling out the big $$$.

Try for one or two carb & sugar free dinners a week. Add raw veggies to all your lunches. Grab something new from the health alse next time you are in the grocery store ( not the treats, the real food)

Small and simple differences can make for better changes. More lasting changes.

If you choose to do a detox or cleanse keep the timing short but at least 21 days. It is said that it takes 21 days to make a habit. You don’t want to do a sugar cleanse just to binge after it.

What small and simple changes have you made this week towards better health


Mamavation Monday~~~~~~ For the love of the run

Today the world was once again shocked but the actions of others. Today there was an attack on the Boston Marathon. It is easy to say that it shook the world. Even non runners know about this marathon, it is the holy grail for most runners to even be able to qualify for it.
Today was scary for everyone but especially for many runners, who aspire to run in high profile races. I hope in the days to come we can get some answers for this. 
I will still continue to run on my own but right now high profile races are off my radar. I know everyday there are risks and some I just choose not to take. While in Canada the levels of bombings are much lower, taking the risk still feels too scary today. 

Calorie- smalorie

Who hate counting calories? I know I do. So what do I do about, well I simply don’t count.

I know it’s crazy right. How can you possibly be trying to lose that last bit of baby weight and get into shape if you don’t count calories or points. How to I work towards my desired weight? Well I make smart choices. I eat whole real food. I’ll be honest I tried to count calories for or about 6 days. Drove me crazy. I don’t eat much for pre packaged food so I would have to input my entire recipes with quantities , ugh and figure out servings and all the stuff. I like cooking, not figuring stuff like that out. So I stopped, really was sucking the joy out of cooking for me.

I don’t have anything agaisnt people who do calorie count. It is something that I just can’t figure out.

Now I do fully acknowledge calories on processed foods. I can see the calories on the package, that I understand. When I go out or have a packaged snack I keep in check those calories. Mainly because I do not have full control of what is in the products. I like to know what is in my food and because I can’t dissect everything and ingredient lists don’t always appear fully forth coming with big fancy words that hide different things.

I also don’t fully understand how you get your calories burned unless you are on a tread mill and have it monitoring for you. I understand that you need to record your heart rate and all that but another fancy tool that I just don’t have the time or the money for.

I prefer really to keep it simple. what what I eat, keep it whole food high in nutritional value. keep processed foods low. And keep your body moving, find exercise in everything thing you can do. Keep pushing and keep moving.

Do you count your calories? If you do how do you do it?

What is real health

Health is really a holistic thing, it is not about just doing one thing. You, all of you, body, soul and mind all need to be going towards a common goal of health.

For most people the place they tend to start is the idea of getting healthy is working out hard and getting skinny. Big thing right there. SKINNY DOES NOT EQUAL HEALTH. I want that permanently etched in to your brain. Yes healthy people tend to be leaner and their body portions tend to proper. Though just because some is skinny does not mean they are healthy.  The same can go the other way, just because you aren’t skinny doesn’t mean you aren’t healthy. We all have different shaped bodies, there is no mold everyone is a bit different.

Your Body: You need movement it is a need without you will waste away. You know the saying ” use it or lose it”. This couldn’t be more true. Stretching, lifting walking moving your body in many different ways is best for your health. Also getting checked by people who special in bodily health ( massage therapists & Chiropractors) is really good for the things you can’t do yourself.

Your Mind: You thoughts even fleeting ones can shape you. If you have regular toxic thoughts in your mind, the toxicity will be in your life. You need to be thinking healthy to move towards being being healthy. Are you think that it is hard and something you could never do? Then it will be hard and something you will never do! Your thoughts are amazingly powerful, let them have the power to help you

Your Soul: Whether you believe in any sort of divinity or not is irrelevant. You have something about you that controls and centers you. Many people work on focus with yoga, meditation and prayer. yours needs to be positive and believe in you. Before others can believe that you will make the change you have to believe that you will make the change.

Think about you as a whole not just the parts that make you whole!

Mamavation Monday —– a few days late

I’m late, I’m late for very important date. No time to say “hello”- “good bye”. I’m late I’m late I’m late!- The White Rabbit

This Monday update is late but I have a good reason, my keyboard on my laptop broke. 😦 I had some letters but not all. As is I”m using hubby’s notebook to write this. It is a full keyboard replacement 😦 I guess the tech found a penny and a safety pin under the keyboard. eeek Oh well it should be fixed soon.

Now that we are done with excuses,on to the update. ———– dead silence————

I don’t have much to up date on as nothing is happening. I have joined a running group, I’m not very fast but I keep going. Last week i did 6 k in about an hour this week I did 7k in 55 minutes. Nothing fantastic but I did it and that is what is important. Also I think it is pretty good because this is the first distance running I have ever done.

The other issues is right now I’m sick again……. this trying for a baby seems to be wearing on my system. That or I am already pregnant and this is morning sickness. Either way even with diet changes I’m super tired and I feel like vomiting. Well see what the next few weeks bring.

The scale is not changing really I’m bouncing around, lose a little gain a little. So frustrating, but I just have to focus on how I am feeling keep getting my work outs in and eat right.

Love you all

What challenges are you facing in your weight-loss journey?

Mamavation Monday ~~~~ Freedom of the road

Well I finally went running last week. 5k. 🙂 Went pretty well had to walk some but having a coach with me made a world of difference. I went further, ran longer, pushed harder. I highly recommend getting a group that will challenge you to run with.
As for weightloss I am getting frustrated with the scale. It’s not moving much at all. Right now I am thinking if I focus more on my fitness and stress less about the number it will work better. You know, because really the inches matter too!
In other news I have been working on planning my garden for this year. I have a much bigger plot than I did last year which is going to mean hopefully lots of yummy food. I am also transferring some beds into veggie spaces so I can have all the things I want. 🙂

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Mamavation Monday ~~~~ Hard to Get Motivated

This week has been a bit of a downer. I haven’t been getting to the gym like I would like to be. I have continued on both my challenges but I may have hit a road bump. Separated abs 😦 Yup my poor abs have still not healed from my last baby almost 2 years ago. I might have been from previous one but I know for sure from my last. I need to work more now on repairing them and less about the ab exercises right now. I’ll still be keeping up with my cardio but the ab directed exercises need to take a back burner. 😦

I’m super excited for the Mamavation Moms to be announced tonight. I have been watching these ladies go through some crazy hazing this last week and have had fun getting to know them. Congrats to whoever get chosen. You are all winner already for wanting to make that change. 🙂

I really need to take some measurements and get being a bit more accountable with the changes I am wanting to make. Road blocks are not stopping point I can still move forward and get healthier. 🙂

I’m needing to kick myself in the but more and get going with what I want in this life and if I don’t go for it I wont succeed. This has happened before I am super excited to start I go for the first few weeks and then I peter out. I need to keep going. I need to find my motivation and keep going. I signed up for a running clinic starting in a few weeks, training for a 10k and half marathon. I’m hoping it will be good for me 🙂

Mamavation Monday ~~~~ Another One Bites the Dust

Another week another reflection

Focusing on weightloss sucks for me. My weight will easily fluctuate through out the day, especially depending on what I eat. I’m sure it’s not all that healthy how much my weight can change from day to day but it seem to be how it is.  I’m not happy with what the scale says but mostly I’m not happy with how I feel in my clothes.

Things have been okay in the diet area of things I have been focusing a lot more on getting more veggies into my diet eating whole unprocessed food. I have been feeling so much better, I have more energy and I just feel like my skin is looking better. It was pretty good to being with, but it just feels better.

I have been getting to the gym and my two challenges this month are going okay. So days I fall behind on the exercises but I always make it up. 🙂 I’m getting stronger and I keep pushing but I’m just not seeing a change in the scale. Problem is is actually seems to be going backwards. I have no idea what is going on but I’m going to tighten up even more on my diet and be really strict with the wheat. I need to cut it is makes me feel icky. Over processed sugars too!

I need to work on feeling better about me. I need to get in the head space where I am feeling better about me. I need to stop the damaging thoughts in my mind that always bring me down. I can be my best friend or my worst enemy. I need to get fully healthy not just the body but the mind too!

I am so thankful for my sistas at  Mamavation. Knowing that someone believes in me is wonderful.

How has your week gone?

This post is sponsored by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway

Resolutions Suck

Every new year people make resolutions and many by the first week have broken them. Next the feeling of failure and defeat come, and they give up. If they failed once they will fail again. That is the biggest issues!!!!

So many people wait till the new year to start something. Why wait? Why put yourself through the stress of over and over again punishing yourself, because you can’t change your life completely at the beginning of the new year.

Now I’m all for people changing their lives to be more of whatever it is that they want to be but taking smaller more reasonable steps, just makes more sense.

Did you know most people have quit their resolution by the end of January, just given up?

Why do you think that is? I’ll tell why I think that is.

They don’t have a plan. They don’t know what they are actually going to do about it. When the going gets tough what are they going to change? Whether it’s getting healthy, fit, losing weight, cleaning the house more, quitting smoking, even having more sex, whatever it is with out a real plan it will go no where.

Already today I see twitter and Facebook feeds asking how to get out of the funk of their resolution?  How to curb cravings and do you have to work out even when your sick?

Now trust me I’m great at figuring out how to fail at whatever I’m doing. I really don’t start with a well thought out plan. I have a plan for the first few days while I’m still energized but once it gets hard things fall apart.

Changing your life style is hard it take time effort and plans. It really does! I have read that it takes 21 days for a habit to form. Well I still waiting to find out how long to make that habit stick. because 21 days hasn’t been enough this far.

But not that changes!

I’m going for it. I will change.

Get a plan set some real goals and going for it 🙂

Mamavation Monday ~~~ Eating for a Change

Wow it is amazing how fast a week can go by, isn’t it? With being accepted into the Sisitahood, I have been trying to focus more on what I am doing and what is going into my body. I have two challenges for January going on. First I’m doing and ab challenge that I found online that is a few daily exercises to help target the core, a place where I know I am weak ( many people are!)

Second I’m doing a raw green smoothie challenge with Young and Raw. I like smoothies for my morning drink because it is easy and I know i’m getting lots of good stuff in my body to start the day. I make it an intention to never put more in my smoothie then I would actually eat at a sitting so I’m not overfilling my body.
this was a green smoothie for the whole family

So far it is going great. this past week I have focused on keeping my sugar down so I found a delish little snack that is so super good for you it can barely be called a treat, but those are the best kind. 🙂 We are having lots of veggies with dinner and little to no grains for me and not surprising i’m not feeling bloated and icky. 

Well that the update for m=now.. week one going well lets go for week two !!!

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