Calorie- smalorie

Who hate counting calories? I know I do. So what do I do about, well I simply don’t count.

I know it’s crazy right. How can you possibly be trying to lose that last bit of baby weight and get into shape if you don’t count calories or points. How to I work towards my desired weight? Well I make smart choices. I eat whole real food. I’ll be honest I tried to count calories for or about 6 days. Drove me crazy. I don’t eat much for pre packaged food so I would have to input my entire recipes with quantities , ugh and figure out servings and all the stuff. I like cooking, not figuring stuff like that out. So I stopped, really was sucking the joy out of cooking for me.

I don’t have anything agaisnt people who do calorie count. It is something that I just can’t figure out.

Now I do fully acknowledge calories on processed foods. I can see the calories on the package, that I understand. When I go out or have a packaged snack I keep in check those calories. Mainly because I do not have full control of what is in the products. I like to know what is in my food and because I can’t dissect everything and ingredient lists don’t always appear fully forth coming with big fancy words that hide different things.

I also don’t fully understand how you get your calories burned unless you are on a tread mill and have it monitoring for you. I understand that you need to record your heart rate and all that but another fancy tool that I just don’t have the time or the money for.

I prefer really to keep it simple. what what I eat, keep it whole food high in nutritional value. keep processed foods low. And keep your body moving, find exercise in everything thing you can do. Keep pushing and keep moving.

Do you count your calories? If you do how do you do it?


Mamavation Monday ~~~ When the world crashes

Just keep going. Life will go on with or with out you.
Ever have those weight-loss moments when you feel like nothing you do is ever going to work? When you don’t understand why you can’t seem to lose weight. You change your diet, you eat right, you exercise. Nothing changes though…… Or worse the weight goes up. Really really lame!
Yup this has been battle I knew a few issues were on I had trouble getting enough calories into my body for what I was doing. I wasn’t hungry but my body was starving. I really have been trying to change this but it is hard. The second reason I suspected but hadn’t confirmed due to wonky hormones. I was pregnant. Unfortunately was is the key word. This has been very saddening, but it happens  it just sucks. So we are on the path of working to heal my body a bit more and get it ready to grow another person when the time is right.
Getting back on track in a few days. Just need a few moments to process.

Mamavation Monday ~~~~ When they just wont eat

Do you have a picky eater in your home? 
How do you manage healthy meals with picky eaters in the home?

You know what I don’t have this trouble but I have friends who do. I feel at a loss when their kids are over and they wont eat what I feed them. Nothing really edges me off as much as a kid who sticks their nose up at good healthy food. When they start making gross noises and complaining about what they are being served, I can’t help but think of the kids out there who would love to even eat today.
I try to be very understanding with kids who have sensitivities  Ones who have texture issues or allergies. Though kids who just down right refused can really frustrate me. I try to remain somewhat level headed. There are times where I fail, just like any other person. I put a lot of effort into the food I create.
I do though have a few tricks for getting my boys to eat new things.
By now most people have heard about the Deceptively Delicious Cookbook. It is all about getting the nutrients into the kids who down right refuse to eat anything that is unprocessed. This can be a good tool to keep the nutrients in their diets.  How can you change the attitude towards healthy options?

My answer is super simple. Don’t offer the unhealthy ones anymore. Don’t even let them be an option. Yes it may suck for you as an adult that you now no longer have some yummy things in your house. Still having treats once in awhile is good. But take away whatever they are substituting for real food! Also keep offering keep the veggies on their plates. Let them see YOU eating them and enjoying them. Encourage them to try them at every single meal. They don’t have to like it but they do have to try it. It sounds harsh to some people, but it is a fact that for some thing you have to try something at least 3 and up to 15 times to develop a taste.

For people with babies start you babies on veggies as soon as they are ready for real food around 6-9 month feed you child real food. ( monitored of course ) If you look at new feeding suggestions by many national health groups you will see what I am talking about.
For children who do not have special needs, sometimes tough love is needed. There is always food available  don’t like it don’t eat it. I don’t make special dinners for those who choose to not eat. I do listen to the children  and if they truly don’t like it then I wont make it again. This is dinner and if you follow me on instagram you will see the yummy things I cook.

Food is important, it is the fuel your body uses. It is the only body you have and will ever have! Think about it!

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Mamavation Monday —– a few days late

I’m late, I’m late for very important date. No time to say “hello”- “good bye”. I’m late I’m late I’m late!- The White Rabbit

This Monday update is late but I have a good reason, my keyboard on my laptop broke. 😦 I had some letters but not all. As is I”m using hubby’s notebook to write this. It is a full keyboard replacement 😦 I guess the tech found a penny and a safety pin under the keyboard. eeek Oh well it should be fixed soon.

Now that we are done with excuses,on to the update. ———– dead silence————

I don’t have much to up date on as nothing is happening. I have joined a running group, I’m not very fast but I keep going. Last week i did 6 k in about an hour this week I did 7k in 55 minutes. Nothing fantastic but I did it and that is what is important. Also I think it is pretty good because this is the first distance running I have ever done.

The other issues is right now I’m sick again……. this trying for a baby seems to be wearing on my system. That or I am already pregnant and this is morning sickness. Either way even with diet changes I’m super tired and I feel like vomiting. Well see what the next few weeks bring.

The scale is not changing really I’m bouncing around, lose a little gain a little. So frustrating, but I just have to focus on how I am feeling keep getting my work outs in and eat right.

Love you all

What challenges are you facing in your weight-loss journey?

Mamavation Monday ~~~~ Healthy Snacking

That mid day or mid night itch to eat, what do you do about it?

Do you suppress the urge? Do you reach for the closest quick snack? What can you do?

First I really try to grab a drink of water. Did you know that thirst can be confused by the body as hunger? It’s true! So grab a glass of water and then wait a bit and see if you are still hungry.You can avoid this confusion by staying hydrated but so many people don’t.

Now after that try something healthy to eat. I prefer to grab one of my protien nibblies. That way I know there are lots of good things, and they are yummy and healthy too! Next I would reach for a nice snack. Fruit salad is nice and easy. I like to toss hemp & flax seeds on it.  Now doesn’t that look yummy.

Now if you aren’t at home and the desire to eat strikes, what do you do?

Look for snacks that aren’t riddled with sugars or fried. Often there are much healthier choices out there.

Have a look see what you can find. 🙂

Now as for my update. things are going okay. I need to get my drive going again, But with making smarter food choices is helping me have more energy with always helps.

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Are you a food bully?

I read this story on CNN the other day and it just made my hear ache.Allergy Bullying: When food is the weapon. I really wonder what kind of world we live in that people are so insensitive to someone with an allergy that they would threaten them with it?

Then I got thinking how so many people just don’t think about people with allergies. The only thing people really seem to be aware of is peanuts and shellfish. The truth of the matter is there are so many other allergies out there with very serious consequences  The problem with some of these other allergies is it is hard to find your allergens is stuff. Say you have soy, dairy or a corn allergy, that stuff is in everything. things you wouldn’t even think it would be in.

I personally really try very hard to be aware of other allergies. I will make every effort I can to try and be sensitive and keep allergens out of my families meals when there will be others around . Now some people say that is just silly and impossible,but I feel it’s my responsibility. I can’t see why people wouldn’t be aware like that. If I know that people will be around I always ask if there are any allergies that I should be worried about. Maybe I’m a bit more sensitive because I know a number of people with very deadly allergies to what would seem to be random things. I would hate to be the person who sent someone into an allergic reaction to something that I could have prevented with just a bit of forethought.

Now I have heard some pretty crazy thing in regards to people with allergies. Some have commented on essentially removing them from the main population, like an allergy island. Or that if your child is  that sensitive that they should kept out of the public school system. The blatant disregard for other another’s well being shocks me, to the core. There are many speculations as to why the rise in sever food allergies in people. One of my favorite and most likely is all the modifications and crap in our food, our bodies are just simply now rejecting it. The thing is that this is something that keeps getting worse not better. There are also allergies that people don’t even know they have because they are not the life threatening. So many things are showing to be reactions for food in people, behavior, bloating, pain and many others. I suggest looking them up for a better understanding.

People with food allergies deserve to live a life without fear. They have the same rights as you do and while your inconvenience of not eating something thing while you are around them is not nearly as bad as them losing their life over your choice to not care. Think about how you would like to be treated if you had something a life altering condition, so some respect, Show some love. If you must have certain things in your meals that some one is allergic to you should to take precautions to help keep them safe. Wash your hands, don’t sit beside them. They are on the look out but if you care enough to help keep them safe it is one less person for them to worry about.

Peace, Love and Kindness will go a long way 🙂

Mamavation Monday ~~~~ Another One Bites the Dust

Another week another reflection

Focusing on weightloss sucks for me. My weight will easily fluctuate through out the day, especially depending on what I eat. I’m sure it’s not all that healthy how much my weight can change from day to day but it seem to be how it is.  I’m not happy with what the scale says but mostly I’m not happy with how I feel in my clothes.

Things have been okay in the diet area of things I have been focusing a lot more on getting more veggies into my diet eating whole unprocessed food. I have been feeling so much better, I have more energy and I just feel like my skin is looking better. It was pretty good to being with, but it just feels better.

I have been getting to the gym and my two challenges this month are going okay. So days I fall behind on the exercises but I always make it up. 🙂 I’m getting stronger and I keep pushing but I’m just not seeing a change in the scale. Problem is is actually seems to be going backwards. I have no idea what is going on but I’m going to tighten up even more on my diet and be really strict with the wheat. I need to cut it is makes me feel icky. Over processed sugars too!

I need to work on feeling better about me. I need to get in the head space where I am feeling better about me. I need to stop the damaging thoughts in my mind that always bring me down. I can be my best friend or my worst enemy. I need to get fully healthy not just the body but the mind too!

I am so thankful for my sistas at  Mamavation. Knowing that someone believes in me is wonderful.

How has your week gone?

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Mamavation Monday ~~~ Eating for a Change

Wow it is amazing how fast a week can go by, isn’t it? With being accepted into the Sisitahood, I have been trying to focus more on what I am doing and what is going into my body. I have two challenges for January going on. First I’m doing and ab challenge that I found online that is a few daily exercises to help target the core, a place where I know I am weak ( many people are!)

Second I’m doing a raw green smoothie challenge with Young and Raw. I like smoothies for my morning drink because it is easy and I know i’m getting lots of good stuff in my body to start the day. I make it an intention to never put more in my smoothie then I would actually eat at a sitting so I’m not overfilling my body.
this was a green smoothie for the whole family

So far it is going great. this past week I have focused on keeping my sugar down so I found a delish little snack that is so super good for you it can barely be called a treat, but those are the best kind. 🙂 We are having lots of veggies with dinner and little to no grains for me and not surprising i’m not feeling bloated and icky. 

Well that the update for m=now.. week one going well lets go for week two !!!

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A question of fad diets

It seems like every month there is a new diet that everyone must try.

“Rid belly fat”
” drop 10 lbs in 10 days!”
“Change your life in ____ days”

“eat only _____ calories and you’ll drop 2-3lbs a day”

” only eat__________ for the rest of you life and you’ll be skinny!”

You’ve heard them all and you probably hear them on a regular basis. If you are struggling with your weight you will likely have well meaning family members telling you about all the latest this or that. Most people look at things and wonder if it can really be all the rainbows and sunshine that people marketing the product tell you.

It can be there can be really good aspects for most of the fad diets out there. But those are aspects! You need to think critically about what each diet is presenting to you.

It should 1st and foremost be offering you a lifestyle change. You got to where you are by the lifestyle you have right now. That needs to change. It should be realistic and doable.
It should be offering you a deadline. Goals without deadlines are just dreams. If this has been a struggle you need a deadline, this helps breed accountability.
It should have meal plan assistance and suggestions. Nothing is harder than when trying to switch your food and having no idea what you are doing. They should be easy to do and easy to maintain. Having good healthy food that is easy to do will help a success in your diet change.
It should include a exercise plan. Whether you follow it or not is really your choice but there should be on there for you to use. A diet that doesn’t involve exercise is not on the path to a healthy body, just a skinny body and they are not the same thing.

Now you are going to do what you are going to do. You need to do what is healthy for your body. I myself started using Protein Shakes a little less than a year ago. I changed my life, I changed my energy, I changed my health.  For me it was a doable plan complete with what I needed. and that was an easy healthy option for an on the go mom who doesn’t remember to eat during the day and binges at night. For me it worked. I progressively learned how to change my health and while I still use my shakes most mornings I don’t require them and I am looking for more natural options. For me it was essentially a gateway thing something to start the process. I’m not going towards a healthier more natural organic diet.

So not all fads are bad, but some are. I personally would never use a starvation diet. I think they are bad for you and unhealthy. 1100- 1600 calories of good real food calories per day is what I need for my self and my situation.

Now please remember to always consult your health professional before bringing any diet or exercise routine In theory they know you better than me.

There is no magic pill, anyone who tells you there is, is lying to you and is trying to take your money!

It took time to get where you are it will take time to get back!!!!


Good food = Happy Kids

Okay so here is mama life. It’s busy, yes very busy. With three children under 6, things can get a little bit hairy around here. I’m a pretty easy going mom, my house is not perfectly clean but it is tidy….. some days. Really depends on the point of the day you look at it. Right now it isn’t too bad there are a few things on the floor and there is laundry to do. I do make time for important things and usually that is cooking for my kids. Now the fantasy I have in my head is where we eat all organic food, fresh from sources including milk.  I also bake all our bread products with freshly ground flour from the local organic grain store thingy. It is a really is a pretty world in my head, almost in a 50’s style living, you know the “simpler times” idea from TV.

 I love aprons I really would love to get one

Now  lets talk reality. Organic is expensive, and you need to be careful with green washing. Personally I rather know that my food had chemicals then think it was organic and find out I had been lied to. I really try to have the best food I can manage for my kids. I’m so fortunate the they are all good eaters, and not picky. Generally they eat whatever it is that i make for them. So we make do with what we have and that means weekly trips to the local fresh vegetable store. I like to go to the smaller places instead of the big box store. I personally find better quality fruits and vegetables there. Also I try and hit up the farmers markets when they are going on to help support the local farmers because they are the ones who really need some love. My kids like going to the farmers markets, there is always lots going on but I think they like the samples best. Heck that is why they want to go to Costco every single time we drive by.  I diverge though, good food makes for happy kids. Yes I’m sure my kids would love to gorge themselves on fast food and candy but I know what would happen after that and I just, just don’t like going there. So for us real food, good food is what we try and keep in our house. Now still in that reality check here, those days happen and that is fine and dandy but just not often.
We eat a fair amount of foods in this house and I’m always trying to shake things up and make something different. I really don’t like getting into a rut where I make the same thing over and over again. I like to consider myself a pretty good cook, my husband says I am so it must be true. 🙂
I know from my personal experience when we cut the processed junk the dyes the excessive sugar my kids are happier. We don’t do much junk for the kids. There is the odd time that we have treats but as a general we don’t. I think complete denial  will just cause problems just like free range would. Indulgence seems to be a bit of a human condition.
My kids know that when we are at a party they need to pick the healthy snack first and then they can have treats. I really try to pretend that I am the mom who has the kids who always make healthy choices, but once again lets reality check. They are kids, they see other kids eating yummy treats and the treats taste good, really good. I know I want all the yummy goodness I can’t expect my children to always resist but hey I teach them to make choices and you are responsible for your choices. If you gorge when mommy’s back is turned and you feel sick later, that is a natural consequence.
Oh well we just keep trying but I do my best. Keep healthy options open and hide the candy, yes even from myself.