What’s in Mama’s Stash?

I love my fluffy stash. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, Cloth diapers. I love cloth diapers. I said when I started that I would not be one of those cloth diapering moms who has a billion diapers just because she can. Well it happened, I have so many diapers in so many different styles.  I don’t really double up on colours from the same brand of diaper and I have about 30 pocket diaper. So that gives you an idea of the rage of diapers I have. That is only the tip of what is in Mama’s stash. But it is by far the most fun part.

What do I love right now?

I am loving one sized pockets. They are customizable to what we are needing, the clean up in the laundry super fast. When drying them on the line it takes no time at all. These are really my go to diaper right now. They are also great for travelling we took the on our Epic Extravaganza. The clean and dry really easy and really quickly.
Right now I love the Alva diapers. They sell under a bunch of different names, but I usually get my diapers from TenderTushies Diapers. They have a few prints I have my eyes on right now. 😉 Like this one, or this one and this one. Wonderful people to do business great prices and awesome service.

What about newborns?

My newborn go to is prefolds from Bummis. I love these and I use either a variety of covers or wool covers. I love how they have such a good fit for the individual baby. Both Ainsley and Cael have been in cloth since the day they were born. Now for covers I have tried a bunch and they all have their ups and downs. I’m looking for new options. I like ones that have a good fit and keep poop in. I don’t yet have a LOVE cover. still on the hunt.

So what do I have?

5 OS Bumgenius

4 OS Kawaii Heavy wetter ( animal print )

9 OS Minky diapers ( Alva and some branded )

2 OS Hippkiddos

and a few others but  they are in the wash right now

What is in your Cloth Diaper stash?

Birthday Party Time

EcoBooty is having a birthday party. They are going to have an amazing Facebook party this Friday. Why is this amazing, because if you haven’t been to a Facebook party you have been missing the fun. Instead of you giving gifts they give them away to amazing fans. This is pretty awesome, who doesn’t like presents??? Seriously though I though this was amazing when I heard about it, so I headed on over to their webpage  and looked at all the wonderful things they offer. Then I looked at their tabs and I was awestruck, they offer a diaper rewards program!!!!!! This is the most amazing thing ever. i get rewards for spending money and get diapers for free?? How can this get more awesome! Right BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!!!

So GO NOW check out their website get excited and the head to their Facebook page remember to register for the party and there you go. Hope in on the fun it will be amazing!

Psst  There are diapers there that Mama hasn’t even tried yet. Hope to get some new diapers…
What would you like to win? Leave a comment below

How I became and AP mom?

You know it is funny? When I looked towards my parenting life while I was pregnant with Damian Attachment Parenting(AP) wasn’t even on my radar. I hadn’t even heard of it honestly. I did not come from an AP background, so it wasn’t a style I was even familiar with. I knew a few things that I wanted. I wanted to breastfeed my child and I had no desire for surgery or a giant needle in my back. Now it seems to be everywhere, papers, magazine and the talk of the mommy world. If you have never heard of AP, you can read about it on Attachment Parenting International. They have 8 basic principles.-Prepare for pregnancy, birth and parenting
-Feed with love and respect
-Respond with sensitivity
-Use nurturing touch
-Ensure safe sleep, emotionally and physically
-Provide consistent and loving care
-Practice positive discipline
-Strive for balance in personal and family life.

Now coming to this mind set came pretty easily to me. Damian’s birth was pretty good and it ended up going okay.Ainsley’s was amazing for me. Cael’s was a difficult birth but I prepared for it as best I could.  I knew I wanted to breastfeed my son. I wasn’t going to let anything stop me, including his awful latch. I had the milk we just needed to figure it out. It came in time and we had a great nursing relationship till  he chose to wean. I continue to have a nursing relationahip with Bobo and lil Squish, and it will continue till they are done or it is no longer mutually desireable.
Safe sleep for us is a combination of co-sleeping and bed sharing. We have an open bed policy for our older children as they are in their own beds now. Damian and Ainsley share a bedroom  with each other and up until recently would share a bed. They expressed interest in having their own little beds. They do share a bed when we travel and do well with it. I find it keeps them happier when they are kept together, they seem to have less stress in new situations which is a big thing for Ainsley.
When dealing with our children we try very hard to always be loving and sensitive. they are bundles of emotions and feelings, they need guidance on how to deal with everything going on. Now it is definitely not always easy to be loving and sensitive when dealing with issues, but it is doable. When we falter and are harsh , we will apologize to our children. Apologizing to your child allows them to see that you too make mistakes, and that is okay. It is not a sign of weakness it is a sign of strength.
When it comes to positive discipline this is an on going work for us. I know I don’t want to be the kind of parent that my child feared. I wanted love and understanding in my home. Now getting here is coming along. We reall try to refrain from using physical punishment with the boys. We are not always perfect and we do think that there are times when a swat on the rear has happened. I hate  this maybe it’s the way we were raised, I just don’t know what to do sometimes. This is my major failing point.
I look for balance in my life. I seek methods to give balance just sometimes it is so hard to do. Mostly it is my personal life that suffers. I keep putting into my family that I do nothing for me and I breakdown. This is not a good thing. I still need to find balance. but I am working on it.

So honestly I kinda fell into the AP thing I had these ideas and then I found out that there were others like me. I still am different from some AP moms, but I really think different is good. My kids don’t suffer from me learning different ways to care for them. I always am looking to improve my parenting skills. I want my kids to be the most functional people they can be. I want them to think I want them to ask questions. I don’t don’t want them to live in fear. I want them to know they are loved.

Fluffy love

Okay so it’s not so uncommon now but 5 years ago when I started cloth diapering it wasn’t nearly as trendy. I started with cloth when Damian was 10 months old, I had some friends who used cloth on their babies and it seemed possible and I was so tired of tossing money away. I had a friend who made diapers so she made me my first stash. They were All-in-ones and very cute. I used them for Damian and a bit for Ainsley. But I soon found the fluffy love. I was addicted to diapers. Seriously there should be a Cloth Diapers Anonymous group for moms. I know some people who have the fluff love REALLY bad. I have tried most types of  diapers, though I still have yet to brave flats. Honestly I just have no real desire to try them, they seem like too much work.

Now I have a serious problem when it comes to diapers. So many are just so cute and I think they would be even cuter on my baby’s bum. I have a vast collections of diapers far more then will actually go one the little butt. I find different diapers are good for different things.
I love All in Ones or Pockets for the simplicity of use. I call these my babysitter diapers.  The ones that pretty much anyone can use and involves not much extra thinking. Pockets I have already stuffed so there is no thought process for others. I like certain inserts to go into certain diapers and it drive Darling Hubby nuts that I always do the diaper stuffing.

BabyKicks Diaper On Cael

When my babies are brand new I love prefolds. You can just get that perfect fit that you can’t always get with sized diapers. I use prefolds for quite awhile as my boys all seem to be pretty small in the bottom.

I have tried many different styles of diapers and there are so many more to try. I would love to sample more diapers and find what works as they change and grow. Yup I have a problem !!!