Rock on Pink

I love PINK, I think her music is awesome and inspiring. Something about a lot of her music really resonates with me. Whether it is to rock or or get serious, I don’t think I have come across a song of hers I haven’t liked. I admit when a star I like names crosses headlines, I read it. Well this headline caught my attention on many levels Rocker Mom Pink almost starts fight over rude breastfeeding remark. Now that caught my attention. 1. Love Pink 2. Support Breastfeeding. I had to read it. Going through the article, I smiled. All I could think is “Rock on Pink”.
What Pink was doing, is perfectly natural, and she was even using a cover according to the article. Now I usually don’t encourage fighting with others, but people need to get rid of their idea that breastfeeding should stay behind closed doors. I had always wondered if Pink was a bit more of a breastfeeding advocate, and now I know. I think it is great the celebrities that are out and about breastfeeding it makes us “normal” people look less strange for doing it. Rock on Pink, rock on.

 There is a part in this video that I love where they are feeding a cow human milk…. makes about as much sense as feeding a human cow milk… just saying!


Sharing the milk ~~ My story

Have you heard the saying ” Sharing is Caring”? Most of us learned this saying at a very young age, usually even before we start school. While this lovely mantra has been ingrained into our brains, many use it now with a mocking tone. This is unfortunate but sharing something with someone is a wonderful way to show how you care. There are many thing we can share in this world, but what would you say if I said you could share a gift of amazing nutrition with another? Most people would jump at the opportunity to share nutrition with someone, even more so for a baby.  Would you be shocked if I told you that people simply don’t do it. They don’t share with the babies, at least not many. They used to, but with the medical system we have been scared out of it. I’m talking about breast milk, it is a life supporting freely flowing source that comes out of almost every women, to one extent or another. Some women produce large amounts, some produce less. I was very fortunate to be a women who produced excessive milk. So much milk I needed to pump off for comfort reasons. with my first two I saved the milk. We used some of it eventually, but a lot just got old an went into the garbage. This saddened me but I had no idea what to use it for. It was never enough for milk banks, and I felt fundamentally opposed to the sale of my breast milk when I gave it to them for free. About two years ago, I heard about a wonderful Idea I hadn’t ever though of, giving the milk to a mom in need!  That way I could give what I had and she could use it, no matter how much or how little I had. This made my heart fill with so much happiness. I at the time didn’t have any milk to donate, due to being pregnant, but I loved watching the milky love flow.

Cael at 16 days

After I had Cael once again I had a surplus of milk. So I did what I had been doing with the previous two, I pumped. I didn’t pump all that often but I still had a pretty good storage in my freezer.  When Cael was 15 days old my friend had a baby, he ended up being a very big surprise. R was born with Downs Syndrome, He was a tiny little guy that had a whole world to conquer. We soon found out that he had a heart issue and feeding at the breast was exhausting for him, it took too much work and was strenuous. My friend then planned on pumping but between R and his older brother there just never seemed to be enough hours in a day. I spoke with her and asked what their plans were, she expressed frustration to me that she felt like she had no options. They couldn’t afford the milk bank but she wasn’t able to pump. She knew with all his health issue being on breast milk was going to be what would be best but it just seemed like it wouldn’t work. I took a deep breathe and offered she all I could. I told her I would give R my milk if she would have it. I really wasn’t sure what the response was going to be, we hadn’t ever talked about milk sharing before, in any real depth. What was just a few short seconds felt like forever. She said sure, she wanted to clear it with her hubby first but she would be more than happy to accept my gift.I breathed a sigh of relief, because what I was offering was something very unusual to many people After that I also sourced donors for her using the Human Milk 4 Human Babies Facebook groups.

milky brothers Left is R. right is Cael

Having breast milk turned out to be the greatest gift for R. after surgeries he has recovered much better then he did when he was having formula. His mom said she really noticed a difference in him when he is on breast milk or formula. He would gain weight and maintain better when he was having breastmilk, R would thrive with his momma milk. Time has passed and he is now reaching 18 months and my heart still smile thinking how we were able to help just one little guy. I know that he is doing better due to the nutrition I and several other moms were able to give. Not to mention the money we helped them save 🙂

This week is the 2nd Annual World MilkSharing Week. It is due to moms reaching out and helping on another that many many many babies have been able to have the nutrition they needed for their start in life. They were able to be fed from another mom when circumstances prevented their own mother from fully providing milk. With full disclosure and trust women are able to share this gift with others all around the world. I think this is truly amazing. There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child, why not use the village to feed the child as well.

Why the boobies are RAD!!!

So in case you didn’t know today winds up World Breastfeeding Week August 1-7th. You may have noticed a few people talking about it, you may not have.

I wanted to tell you a few reason why I think breastfeeding is RAD.  Some of these reasons are totally selfish, but great none the less.

Super Powers. Quite simply amazing stuff in breast milk. There are so many things breast milk can do because it is just awesome. Small things like pink eye and ear infection, to some say helping the healing  in sick kids. Who know but it does support little humans in major growth and development.

No Flow Some women are so extremely privileged that their cycles don’t return while they are breastfeeding. This is pretty awesome thing to not have to worry about.

Natural Birth Control Those of us lucky mama’s who do not ovulate while breastfeeding means no surprise babies. This can be a great thing if you are wanting to not go with hormonal birth control or use condoms. I for one Simply can not seem to get pregnant without my cycle.

Skinny Minnie Some extremely lucky moms, of I am not one of, lose baby weight like crazy. I have watch mamas just have pounds drop with breastfeeding. Luck ladies!

Escape Clause I swear you can get out of almost anything with needing to feed the baby. Want to get away from the weird relative? Time to feed the baby Want to stop the awkward conversation? Time to feed the baby.  While I support and encourage opening breastfeeding anywhere any time, it can be a great escape.

Daddy Bonding Time There are so many ways daddy can bond with the baby. Like changing the diaper before he bring the baby for something to eat. Or bathing the baby while you have a nap. The feeding is mama’s job there are many more for daddy to do. ( that mama doesn’t want to to shhhhhh )

Extreme Boobage Okay pregnancy boobs are cool but nursing boobs are AMAZING! Seriously I went from a C/D to a  F when my milk showed up. Bound to make baby and daddy happy.

So rock the boobs. Embrace this stage of life, you get to nourish human beings. Support moms in their quest to breastfeed.

The BREAST of New York

Wow it seems like I keep coming across boobs in New York today. You know what I fully support it too!

Have you heard of Moira Johnston? She is a topless dancer in New York who bares her breasts during the day for activism. You can read the official story here on the Huffington Post. To sum it up, she wants women to know that they don’t have to hide their breasts. It is legal in quite a few places actually for women to bare their breasts. I know where we live there is quite a controversy about it. There is a topless lady in our town, but she is not nearly perceived as well as Moira, might have to do that she is significantly older than New York’s top less wonder.
Now some people really have an issue with topless women. I really don’t understand the issue that so many have. They just simply are breasts, women just happen to have larger mammory glands therefor generally larger breast then men.  Most of the reason is the high sexualization on breasts. Women, especially their breast, are seen as sexual objects for a mans pleasure. Not really cool with that line of thinking. So many womens get all up in arms about ” My Body My Choice” but still keep stigma going. Seriously people they are just boobs. They are used to feed and nourish our young, that really is their primary function. The fun is secondary. Which nicely leads into the next story I keep seeing.

Have you heard about the new breastfeeding stir in New York Hospitals? Mayor Bloomberg has gone breastfeeding friendly, but it is with opposition. You can read the actual press release here. I really applaud Mayor Bloomberg for his actions. I do believe that the formula advertising should be taken out of the hospitals. I don’t believe in goodie bags of formula given to breastfeeding moms. It sets them up for failure. How do I think it sets them up for failure? When you have something else that you can feed your baby when you are exhausted and little support most will turn to the formula. Or just you need a few minutes so Daddy can feed the baby. Now there are so many things that other people can do for you and to help you with breastfeeding but giving you formula is not helping. It is not helping a mom when she says she is having troubles to just hand her a bottle of formula.
The formula companies are ruthless with their advertising, and I don’t agree with it. I fully support Mayor Bloomberg’s stance on we need to focus on breastfeeding it is what is designed for babies. Breast is what is best for them, breast is normal.

So there you have it New York and their concerns about breast, bare them and share them!