Being a little different

Yup I am odd. I was really awkward as a kid and a teenager, heck as an adult. I have those awful embarrassing school photos, that people laugh at for years. I usually figured out trends as they were trending away. I was not cool or popular at all, I wasn’t even on the uncool side, I was just different.

I wore hand me down clothes, that were very far out of style, and not the looping back cool items.  I didn’t really feel pretty most of my childhood and teenaged years. I went through a long time just being invisible, or at least feeling that way. I went through phases of being bullied but mostly I was just ignored. It was hard never having any friends till I was a bit older. Elementary years sucked.
I went through a phase where I really tried to be like everyone else just so I could fit in somewhere. The problem was I became so many “people”, that I really was still no one. I had trouble with a lot of basic social skills. I had a lot of trouble breaking out and meeting new people. I became afraid to be me, due to the fact I felt no one like the real me. I still have a problems with this in my adult life. I thought making friends in school was hard, try the real world it sucks.

I have a hard time conforming to one particular thing. I really am a bit of a mish mash of different things that I have liked along the way. I feel strongly about a number of things but I’m usually open to listening to others thoughts. Hey I really can’t judge your for your wrong choices, they are yours to make. Yes I do think I am right for my life. Maybe not yours but it works for us.

I’m a bit sassy, I’m opinionated and I can be loud about stuff with people I know. Though usually I keep to myself with people who I don’t know very well. I can appear rather shy to people who don’t know me, and have even been called snobby.

I wear toe shoes and clothes that are comfortable. I’m usually pretty plain and not very noticeable. I used to have a hard time with being different but I have decided to embrace myself. Freckles and all! I’m who I am and that’s not really going to change.