The thing about depression is…

This week the world was rocked by the death of Robin Williams. He was one of those actors that people just knew about. He was EPIC! I knew in memory in our house we have been watching his movies the past few night just bringing the laughter and remembering him and not focusing on his passing. That is what really had been what his family had requested. Remember the legacy, remember the man. I have seen many tributes to his name and most of them have been wonderful. I only say most because I’m sure I haven’t seen them all so there may very well be some bad ones out there.

This moment though I am going to discuss his death. It’s uncomfortable because it wasn’t natural causes. Robin Williams committed suicide. The funny man of the world made a choice and ended his life prematurely. This fact alone has lead some people to use his death for the normal everyday anti suicide/ depression propaganda.

Propaganda, you say?!?! No one wants anyone to ever decide to take their life. We are having people here. Knowing that they can reach out. Telling them that it is okay to talk to some one. Bullocks, is what I say on you.

If you have ever been in that dark place that is depression you might understand what it feels like to want to end your life. Depression is not just something that can be fixed by sitting down and telling someone how your day is going. Depression isn’t just one thing.  Most times it is together with other mental illness. Often anxiety, angrophobia, food addiction and substance abuse, pair up with this dark monster. At times when people are telling you to reach out, often you just want them to go away. Them telling you that you need help, doesn’t feel like it comes from a place of concern but a place of judgement.

What most people don’t understand is depression isn’t just a one day or few week thing that is instantly fixed but a good chat with a friend. Depression, true real depression is a debilitating force that crushes your very soul. It is a weight on your chest feels like it crushed your last breath with every thought of how you are once again a failure. I really want people to understand how different depression is from feeling sad or having a bad day.

So really what I am trying to get at is telling someone who is experiencing sever mental trouble and you are concerned about them. Stop telling them to seek help and get it for them. Be there be a force in their lives that not only shows that you care but that you are consistent. When you are dealing with this at times having someone consistent can be a saving grace.  Stop telling someone that you will be there and actually BE there. If you are worried that someone you know may commit suicide, be there. Actually be there. The onus is on you, that other person is suffering and is not capable of rational decisions.



It’s not awareness, it’s insensitive

Wow I’m surprised I made it past the middle of the month before getting the “awareness” message on Facebook. You know the one I am talking about where you post something ridiculously stupid about some mundane thing and it is supposed to miraculously raise awareness for women’s breast cancer.

There have been various ones over the years. Travelling, where you put your purse, colour of your bra or even the worse, pretend pregnancy.( this was the worst seeing as most cancer treatments render people infertile) The problem is none of this raises awareness. I am pretty sure we are all aware of breast cancer by now. It’s a real thing! Heck there is an entire multi billion dollar industry that makes all this fancy junk to raise awareness.

Now before you all go and boo and hiss at me for being a party pooper, let’s talk about what we do to raise awareness. First let’s actually talk about it. Talk to women who have experienced it. Learn their story. I can tell you for a fact that is going to raise more awareness in you than putting ” I like it on the floor” or ” I”m going to London in 7 months”.  Let’s look breast cancer in the face. Let’s look all cancer in the face and start talking about what we can do to change it. We need to stop playing stupid Facebook games like giggly little school girls, that we don’t include the boys in. Which by the way is silly because men get breast cancer as well, but their big month is next month so we don’t want to include them.

What can you do?

Check your breasts, they are on you become familiar with them.
Eat a healthy well balance diet.
Get some exercises.
Get your check -up done often. You don’t want to be caught off guard.

In other words get healthy and keep healthy. It may not solve everything but it is a good start. Take care of yourself. Get to know cancer in it’s real form, and get serious. It’s not a game it’s not funny. People are dying here and there currently is no accepted methods of curing the problem. ( I believe it’s out there but there are reasons why it is being kept silence, my guess has to do with big money)

So stop the “awareness” games. We are all aware by now, your just being insensitive.

And in the end all you need is LOVE

Is this what you have seen for the last day all over Facebook? I this what is covering your news feed on Facebook? It has mine.
Now there are a few facts that I need to lay out about me before I go further. 1. I believe in Christ and a loving Heavenly Father 2. I believe in agency and the freedoms we are given here on earth.
This was taken off of Facebook I don’t know the original credit

I fully support equal rights in marriage. We claim that now the days of forced marriages for profit are over and that we marry for love. Love what a wonderful thing. Most everyone wants, desires and seeks love. A personal connection, a true deep connection. When you find the person who you can share that deep love and connection with you only hope that you can spend forever with that person. ❤ ❤

Yes there are nay sayers against equal rights marriage, some claiming all sorts of awful damnation. You know what though? This is where choice and agency come in. I believe we are here to live our lives, to love, to enjoy, to be happy.
Now there are people who spout that same sex relationship are the devils handiwork. I don’t know about that,but that is your choice to believe that. If you choose to not support same sex marriages then don’t attend one. If as a religious group you do not support same sex marriages then don’t have them in their buildings.
We need to step away from hating what we fear and do not understand.
Now is the time for people to step away from their interpretation of what God likes and doesn’t. We need to remember that above all we need love and compassion.
Also if we really want to get biblical ” So when they continues asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”  John 8:7
I know very well that every single person sins at least once a day and as long as you wish to have a heterosexual relationship you are allowed to marry. Let’s stop casting stones at those who sin differently then you and remember to go back to the core fundamentals of love. In a world that need a whole lot more love and a whole lot less hate, let’s get back to basics.
If you take this person to be your lawfully wedded spouse. For richer or for poorer, through sickness and health. Then so be it!
We are a developing people we believe in truth, beauty and love. Let’s start showing it.
I love you for who you are. I think that you should be allowed to have a civil marriage with a justice of the peace if you should choose. I also believe that if you choose to live a lifestyle that is not condoned be a certain sec of people that you should not expect them to change any more then they should expect you to change. Have you marriage of the land and love your spouse with all your heart..
Religions of the world to stay out of politics and mind your own business. If you do not agree with them, you must love them still but you are free to close your doors. Extinguish the hate, learn to love and accept. My brothers and sister of the world that is your choice and your freedom.

Mamavation Monday ~~~~ Healthy Snacking

That mid day or mid night itch to eat, what do you do about it?

Do you suppress the urge? Do you reach for the closest quick snack? What can you do?

First I really try to grab a drink of water. Did you know that thirst can be confused by the body as hunger? It’s true! So grab a glass of water and then wait a bit and see if you are still hungry.You can avoid this confusion by staying hydrated but so many people don’t.

Now after that try something healthy to eat. I prefer to grab one of my protien nibblies. That way I know there are lots of good things, and they are yummy and healthy too! Next I would reach for a nice snack. Fruit salad is nice and easy. I like to toss hemp & flax seeds on it.  Now doesn’t that look yummy.

Now if you aren’t at home and the desire to eat strikes, what do you do?

Look for snacks that aren’t riddled with sugars or fried. Often there are much healthier choices out there.

Have a look see what you can find. 🙂

Now as for my update. things are going okay. I need to get my drive going again, But with making smarter food choices is helping me have more energy with always helps.

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Are you a food bully?

I read this story on CNN the other day and it just made my hear ache.Allergy Bullying: When food is the weapon. I really wonder what kind of world we live in that people are so insensitive to someone with an allergy that they would threaten them with it?

Then I got thinking how so many people just don’t think about people with allergies. The only thing people really seem to be aware of is peanuts and shellfish. The truth of the matter is there are so many other allergies out there with very serious consequences  The problem with some of these other allergies is it is hard to find your allergens is stuff. Say you have soy, dairy or a corn allergy, that stuff is in everything. things you wouldn’t even think it would be in.

I personally really try very hard to be aware of other allergies. I will make every effort I can to try and be sensitive and keep allergens out of my families meals when there will be others around . Now some people say that is just silly and impossible,but I feel it’s my responsibility. I can’t see why people wouldn’t be aware like that. If I know that people will be around I always ask if there are any allergies that I should be worried about. Maybe I’m a bit more sensitive because I know a number of people with very deadly allergies to what would seem to be random things. I would hate to be the person who sent someone into an allergic reaction to something that I could have prevented with just a bit of forethought.

Now I have heard some pretty crazy thing in regards to people with allergies. Some have commented on essentially removing them from the main population, like an allergy island. Or that if your child is  that sensitive that they should kept out of the public school system. The blatant disregard for other another’s well being shocks me, to the core. There are many speculations as to why the rise in sever food allergies in people. One of my favorite and most likely is all the modifications and crap in our food, our bodies are just simply now rejecting it. The thing is that this is something that keeps getting worse not better. There are also allergies that people don’t even know they have because they are not the life threatening. So many things are showing to be reactions for food in people, behavior, bloating, pain and many others. I suggest looking them up for a better understanding.

People with food allergies deserve to live a life without fear. They have the same rights as you do and while your inconvenience of not eating something thing while you are around them is not nearly as bad as them losing their life over your choice to not care. Think about how you would like to be treated if you had something a life altering condition, so some respect, Show some love. If you must have certain things in your meals that some one is allergic to you should to take precautions to help keep them safe. Wash your hands, don’t sit beside them. They are on the look out but if you care enough to help keep them safe it is one less person for them to worry about.

Peace, Love and Kindness will go a long way 🙂