“Snips and snails and puppydog tails, that’s what little boys are made of”

Once upon a time boy met girl and it was magic. They loved each other so much and through a series of events they ended up getting married one day. That was 2005 and since then nothing has been the same. In 2006 we welcomed Damian, our first boy. He was such a joy to our lives and kept us busy. Next came Ainsley in 2008, our sweet little boy. Then in 2011 Cael came into the picture. Finally in 2013 Elias rounded out our family to an even 6 members. All little boys! 🙂

Being a mom to four little boys has many joys and many challenges. There is yelling, running and lots of sticky messes. Each day they laugh jump run and hug. Four very different little personalities at times will clash but each day we get through it all together.

Here we discuss the reality that is my life. It is not always pretty but I try to keep it interesting.  Here is where you will see life as it really is. You’ll see laundry piles, dirty dishes and messy floors. There may be tears ( mostly my own) as we work through life and it’s challenges.  I’m trying to follow my passions and find my stride at life. I hope that by time I am 30 I can have some more vision about where I am going. Right now I’m homeschooling the older two, trying to get our lives on track to more healthy living. Working on health goals and just generally being mom. Join us along the road and lets have some fun.



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