Pandora by Charairo, a review

I recently had the opportunity to be a tester for a new wrap, with an up and coming weaver. It was a wonderful wrap and I was sad to send it on.

Here is a review of the wrap



Name/Design/Description: The wrap is named Pandora. SHe had a beautiful colour way of purples teals and a bit of browns

Material/fiber/yarn type (if known): Cotton linen blend

Structure(plain weave/twill/etc): Plain weave

Grams per square meter: Unknown

Size/Length and Width: woven as a 4.6 with a width of 27″

Pros: I really loved this wrap. I was the first on the line of testers, so I had this beauty fresh from the weaver. I was thrilled with how comfortable and soft it was right off the bat. She hadn’t been through wear yet still wrapped wonderfully and easily. I have both a babe and preschooler that I was able to wrap up and is was nice and easy for both.



The wrap did feel very study and while I wouldn’t call it thick it has good substance. It felt cushy  on my shoulders and didn’t slip out of a ruck like some other wraps I have tried. I was very happy with my time with Pandora

Cons: The biggest con was having to send her along to her next tester. I felt our time together was too short.

How does it wrap?–best type of carries,description of wrapping qualities, etc: It wrapped nice and tight. Easy to tighten the rails and had a good hold so that tightened around trying new carries what I had already done didn’t loosen drastically. Carries I tried was a double hammock, front wrap cross carry and a ruck tied tibetan. With the FWCC I didn’t feel the need to spread the passes with my leaner.


What wrap would you compare it to?—either machine woven or handwoven: I felt very similar to the cush of my other hand woven ( Szibbo Common Thread) and the sturdiness of my didymos wraps that I have.

Weaving Irregularities: None that I was able to spot

If you bought directly from the maker, how was your experience?–custom design process, overall customer service, communication with the weaver, sister wraps,etc:

Just a tester but maybe fun customs could be in my future 🙂