BeBop Bum Cloth Diapers – A review

It’s no secret I love cloth diapers. I have a very healthy stash and it has all sorts of diapers in it. I have tried most types diapers and been around the cloth diapering world for about 7 years now. I know my fluff 🙂

Most recently I was given a chance to review a new WAHM on the cloth diaper scene. BeBop Bums has super cute fitted diapers. I’m loving with prefolds/ fitted and wool with Elias this time around. I can’t say enough about these beautiful diapers, out of the envelope it was cuddly and smooshy soft. I couldn’t wait to get it on E’s lil tush.


It fits so nicely, trim yet absorbent. He does get quite a booty going on but with the holding power that this diaper has I wouldn’t expect anything less.



I really like the fitted diapers with the removable insert.These diapers come with a neat snap in snake insert, as well as an extra booster for those long nights. At this point E isn’t too much of a heavy wetter, but I am looking toward that extra booster once he gets a bit bigger.

The other thing that is really nice about these diapers is ( as my husband states ) daddy proof. In other words we can do the laundry and he can put the diapers together himself if I haven’t gotten around to it. Ahhh the beauty of coordinated snake to diaper prints. 🙂

All in all I love this diaper and find myself reaching for it as soon as it comes out of the wash. It seems just perfect for E’s little bum. My only grievance with it is the snaps are backwards from and other diaper I have the snap overs are on the right side of the diaper. Really though it’s not a big deal. So run on over and check the diapers out, you won’t be sorry.




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