The “Frozen” agenda

By now I’m sure you have seen Frozen, or at least heard of it and one or two of the songs. Many by now have heard also about Disney’s hidden agenda, you know beastiliaty and homosexuality.  I honestly have to say I am just flabberghasted by this, yes flabberghasted. Also a wee bit pissed off. The thing is if you are looking for something you will often find it, ooh boy people have found some major issues with this movie. I will really focus more on the LGTB agenda aa the beastiliaty one is just dumb. (in my opinion anyways, does it really matter that his best friend is a reindeer? )

When I first saw a post on Frozen pushing the gay agenda, I really laughed to myself and had a major face palm moment. Really what is the purpose to dissecting movies to see how inappropriate they are, it just seems like there should be something better to do. But alas here we are, looking for the big scary agenda that is going to doom us all.

Let’s start with where I can see this actually could be some sort of hidden agenda. There is Oaken’s family. I really missed this the first time and every other time till it was pointed out to me. I still question it but hey if that is how it is then fine with me. Pretty sure I wasn’t mentally scared for the 2 seconds it was on  screen. That is about the only thing I can see as the official agenda. A whole 2 seconds… whoopie.

Now the interpreted agenda is with Elsa. You see she has this hidden secret about her, that was once enjoyed but learns that she could be a danger to others. Jeepers people that could fall under a wealth of different things. Just because she “slammed the door” doesn’t mean that she is coming out of the closet necessarily. Ever heard of the phase ” when one door closes…..”? Could just be closing the door on her life where she felt abused neglected and afraid? I think that just may be so. Now regardless of whether or not Disney had a “gay agenda” when they wrote Frozen, it doesn’t change the fact that is is a pretty flippin’ fantastic movie. It breaks the standard in a few ways and it makes you think. And, people, thinking is really okay.In fact often encouraged.


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