Pregnancy and Birth Facts ( Facebook status game )

Have you seen the pregnancy and birth fact games going around? It is where you post them about your pregnancy and birth and people who like your status will be given a number to do their own. Well I figured that since so much stuff gets lost in the great Facebook world I would post them here as well.

I’ll do 8 for each pregnancy and birth;

Damian(7 years )
1- Had my first known miscarriage and then  conceived D 2 weeks after. This ensued a lot of questions about his date.
2- I had a major sweet tooth through this pregnancy. I love Reese peanut butter anything
3- I had food poisoning after eating too many hotdogs while camping at 27 week. This is when I learned I’m sensitive to IV gravol. I get stoned for hours- 16 hours after that was the best cup of mandarin oranges, a metal spoon and my nose. ( my hubby still laughs about this)
4- We went out for Indian for the first time at 32 weeks. I had heartburn from that moment till birth
5- A long walk and sex got things kicked into gear at 39+6. ( my closest to EDD )
6- D was my OP baby, it sucked, I subcombed to a bit of drugs.  Wish I would have had a Doula to help with different positions.
7- I ended up with a 3-4 degree tear due to the Doc needing to change her shoes so I had to wait even though my body was trying to birth a baby.
8- I was so thrilled that he was a boy. I had felt that way his entire pregnancy

Bonus fun fact- When the OB/Gyn was doing my stitching I yelled at her in my gas induced state that “I was not her f-ing sewing project, I was going to be back in 2 years to have my baby girl” Missed by a day and had a boy ( D Oct 18/06 A Oct 19/08)

Ainsley (5 years)
1- I had major nausea, lost 20 lbs in the first trimester.
2- Heartburn from 20 weeks till birth. I joked I was going to give birth to sasquatch. He was the hairiest baby, even his ear had long hair.
3- This was my most supported birth ( to this point ) I had two doulas, my hubby and best friend.
4- In the middle of active labour my BFF asked why I wasn’t screaming and flipping out ( aka hollywood) I simply looked at her and told her that ” I choose this for myself it takes two to tango” In the middle of a  contraction.
5- I was a pain in the nurses ass. I didn’t want to do anything to make their job easier. They wanted to check me the could do it around what I was doing. They put in the stupid IV port while I was on the birthing ball
6- He has a nuchal cord pretty tight around his neck. Gave me a scare seeing as he took a bit to transition to this world and no one was telling me anything
7- Even though I had thought ( read wanted, my intuition keep telling me different ) he was going to be a girl it took me over an hour of holding him and talking to him to realize he was not a girl. I knew he was a boy and spoke to him as a boy but hadn’t realized that him being a boy meant he wasn’t a girl.
8- My MIL said the most insensitive thing to me after his birth ” At least the boys look alike so we know the dads are the same” I think that is when I started having the biggest issues with her.

Cael ( 2 1/2 years)
1- This first time I had decided to plan a homebirth.
2- nausea and heart burn were pretty much my only issues I think I threw up 3 times
3- I had major pelvic girdle pain, so much it hurt to walk
4-I learned that no matter how much you plan if you let people get into your head that 3rd babies are tougher and the a homebirth may not work, that it can be very bad for your birthing time
5- I had midwives that didn’t have time for me or my birth. I think it contributed a lot to my transfer and c-section
6- My c-section was the most traumatic event in my life to date. I felt I had no choice becasue no one was talking to me, and I didn’t know what questions to ask. I  thought my choices were my life and risk baby if I was to continue or risk mine ( major surgery) in order to save my baby. I choose to save my baby. I was crying so hard I could barely read the consent form through the tears
7- I made a choice in recovery that I could stay there and  feel sorry for myself or I could get the F -out of there get my baby and never let anyone hurt us again. I came out stripped us both down and spent the next 5 days skin to skin with him in the hospital bedsharing and being a pain in the ass. ( I wouldn’t fill out their forms or anything I just wanted all the medical staff to leave me along unless I needed something from them.
8- There ended up being no medical reason for why the surgery was needed. They ran tests and all sorts of stuff and nothing came back. I very much believe it came down to stuff that was given to me to help tone things up ( herbal induction ) and a team who didn’t have time for my birth ( she had a test in the morning)

Baby Sweet Pea ( TBA )
1- I decided I was going into this with power and informed choice
2- I am planning a homebirth, it may end up being a UC depending on how I’m feeling about it at the moment
3- Even if Midwives are in attendance at my birth. It is MY birth and they will touch me and my baby only with permission. I’m planning to free birth with a very hands off approach
4- I have been very sick this pregnancy. While I didn’t lose much weight this time I have barely been able to eat and would vomit most things till 30 weeks. I still have limited vomiting and nausea and heartburn to this day.
5- I have chosen to take Hypnobabies, hire a doula and be more emotionally prepared this time around.
6- I have had pre birthing time for about 2 weeks now and I’m tired.
7-We are really hoping that the baby will be here this weekend
8- It seems the general consensus is that this little one will be a girl and as much as I would love a little girl the idea terrifies me a fair amount.


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