Christmas is coming

So here we sit, on the 25th of November. In one month my house will be filled with chaos and shouts of excitement. This year is going to be busy for us. Hoo boy will it be busy. On top of our normal family stuff we will be having hubby’s Dad, Stepmom and younger siblings. These younger siblings are much younger, like 5 & 3 years old younger. Plus my grandparents will be in town, visiting us. My grandma will be here earlier in order to help with the other lovely guest that should be showing up soon.  Yup the baby should be joining our family very soon. I need our lil Sweet pea to keep growing for at least one more week and then all is good. So in other words once I hit December we are baby go time pretty much at any moment.

I have been spending the last several months wishing that time would just slow down a little bit so that I would have enough time to get ready for this baby. Things have gotten done here and there but there is still stuff to do. Today  I shall be popping some baby clothes, bedding and recieving blankets into wash so that they are all clean and ready. I deen to pull out my sewing machine and make a few woolies for the baby.

Crazy to think how fast time is going. Before I know it our new baby will be here and the year will be over.


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