It’s not awareness, it’s insensitive

Wow I’m surprised I made it past the middle of the month before getting the “awareness” message on Facebook. You know the one I am talking about where you post something ridiculously stupid about some mundane thing and it is supposed to miraculously raise awareness for women’s breast cancer.

There have been various ones over the years. Travelling, where you put your purse, colour of your bra or even the worse, pretend pregnancy.( this was the worst seeing as most cancer treatments render people infertile) The problem is none of this raises awareness. I am pretty sure we are all aware of breast cancer by now. It’s a real thing! Heck there is an entire multi billion dollar industry that makes all this fancy junk to raise awareness.

Now before you all go and boo and hiss at me for being a party pooper, let’s talk about what we do to raise awareness. First let’s actually talk about it. Talk to women who have experienced it. Learn their story. I can tell you for a fact that is going to raise more awareness in you than putting ” I like it on the floor” or ” I”m going to London in 7 months”.  Let’s look breast cancer in the face. Let’s look all cancer in the face and start talking about what we can do to change it. We need to stop playing stupid Facebook games like giggly little school girls, that we don’t include the boys in. Which by the way is silly because men get breast cancer as well, but their big month is next month so we don’t want to include them.

What can you do?

Check your breasts, they are on you become familiar with them.
Eat a healthy well balance diet.
Get some exercises.
Get your check -up done often. You don’t want to be caught off guard.

In other words get healthy and keep healthy. It may not solve everything but it is a good start. Take care of yourself. Get to know cancer in it’s real form, and get serious. It’s not a game it’s not funny. People are dying here and there currently is no accepted methods of curing the problem. ( I believe it’s out there but there are reasons why it is being kept silence, my guess has to do with big money)

So stop the “awareness” games. We are all aware by now, your just being insensitive.


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