The Modesty Issue. Is it a state of mind?

Modesty is always a hot topic. People have some very different views about what is considered appropriate or not. The thing is, it tends to cause more blasting and lashing out at others than it really should. People of all different cultures wear different clothing. What is considered modest to one person is over dressed or even underdressed to another.

When I hear about modesty this comic often comes to mind. I have no idea where it originated so it you know please let me know so I can credit the source. 
Really when it comes to modesty I don’t think it is all about the clothes you are wearing but the attitude you have about yourself. Do you behave and think modestly? I think you can be wearing any amount of clothes but your actions and behaviour depict your modesty. If you put on an outfit with the thoughts in mind of attracting sexual attention and engaging in immodest behaviours. Then you are not going to exactly but putting out modest thoughts.
Modesty I think can also be about your comfort levels. If you are wearing something where you are feeling uncomfortable where you feel exposed then that is what people will see. 
The way you think and act is often a direct reflection in how you will be treated. Now yes there are always extenuating circumstances that change things but it s a pretty close correlation. 
Now when I talk to people about this often I get asked if I think that then girls are “asking for it?” Simple answer is not always. Now that can get a bit of a blasting but it goes back to the thought of your thoughts matter. Are you sending invitations? Are you behaving in a sexual manner or are you behaving in a modest tone? 
No I do not think that just because the thoughts and actions are towards one another are sexual in nature that there shouldn’t be respect. Any behaviours should always be consensual. AT ALL TIMES. That is non negotiable. and  should always be in a sober manner. 
Both men and women need to move towards more modest behaviors I think. I think our children are too sexual in this day and age. I think our media is far to sexual and lacks a general respect to others. Now I’m not saying we all need to wear big baggy clothing that covers everything. But your clothing and your actions should reflect how you want to be treated.
We need to start blurring the lines. It will be better for everyone if the line and boundaries that go with it can be easily seen and respected.


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