Mother’s day

This Mother’s day was pretty nice, it was a pretty relaxed day.

I got a flower from Damian. They made it at Beavers and it was really nice little gift. He hid it from my and took care of it all week till Saturday.
Hubby took the time while we were at Beavers to make a Mother’s day craft with the other two kiddos. I was so happy to get this creative little craft. ❤ it just made my heart swell these are gifts that I really like.
My bought gift was a stackable planter set for my herbs so that they can be on the deck instead of down in the garden where I can access them easier.
All in all it was wonderful day with me feeling up and down on the wellness scale with the pregnancy but I was surrounded by those I love I didn’t have to cook or change diapers. What more could  mom ask for?

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