Mamavation Monday ~~~~ Working on getting out of my head

I am my own worst enemy when it come to dealing with that little voice in my head. You know the one. 
“You can’t do this”
                              “It’s too hard”
 “You’ll always be a size 10 or higher”
                                              “You have no willpower”
I know it is all in my head. I know I can conquer this. I also know that I might need some help. It is a hard thing to admit for some.  Now with my weight-loss goals on hold, I just need to keep the gain in check. Which means continuing exercise and watching the intake of food. I need to not let the cravings and lack of desire to eat to not take over.
I know I create most of my failure. I’m scared to get out of my comfort zone. I am afraid to succeed at things sometimes because then next time I will have to do even better. I have a view in my head and it is someone who is not me. It’s not even my body type which makes my goals often completely unrealistic. 
I also wonder what the point really is in this time of my life. What is the point of killing myself to lose weight when it will all come back once I get pregnant again? Well there is a point and I know it , I need to be healthy. not skinny, healthy! But knowing and doing is very different. 
I need to keep working, I need to keep moving forward. I need to get out of my head.


One thought on “Mamavation Monday ~~~~ Working on getting out of my head

  1. I've heard that little voice in my head as well, but you have to learn not to listen. If I had listened to mine, I would not be where I'm at right now. I've gone so out of my comfort zone this past year, and it's the best thing ever. You have your goals, work towards them and remember you can do it!

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