Raising them up

I saw this on Facebook today and it made me think

Who are our children becoming? Are we concerned about the children and the stewards they are going to be? I know I am but are you?
Now a days we can’t seem to do anything right as a parent. It sucks.  There are how to books for you to learn how to be a better parent. There is the older generations who have their ideas and they just aren’t allowed any more. 
“Yes Grandma I know you were spanks and switched and you learned your lesson, but if I even thought about it for too long Little Timmy would be taken away and put into foster care.”
Now I’m not supporting spanking or violence but things are different then they were back then.  So often the older generations idea would end up getting us into a lot of trouble for even considering it, never mind actually acting on it. With the abuse rates so high and getting higher hitting is not something to be joked about. There are times though where I have either had my child or seen another child and thought ” Man that kid need a swift kick in the butt.” 
So with Grandma and Grandpa’s parenting techniques nixed, on to the self help books. THERE ARE SO MANY! Once again they cover a range from forcing children to cry and become independent to completely coddling or letting the child run wild with freedom.  There seems to be no base line and any kook can write a parenting book and get published these days it seems. 
So what do you do. well I think you need to figure out what you want for your child and go from there. Do you want someone who is scared of you and will always do your biddings? Do you want a child who is rude and demanding and treat others like crap? Do you want want some one who is kind?
Who you want to see your child as is who you need to parent them to be. If you see that your child is going in the opposite direction of the behaviour and attitude you want then maybe you need to change your parenting. You can still be a loving and kind parent with rules and boundaires. You don’t have to hit your child because they are wayward. You do though have to think about who you are leaving in this world. It is our job as parents to rasie respectable human beings and honestly there are a lot of us failing. We as parents need to step up and think about it a bit further.
We have children to raise them. We can raise them up to be good people or we can not. It really is up to our parenting to whom we leave this world to when we are gone.


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