Mamavation Monday ~~~~ Lunch time grumble

Lunch. That mid day meal that can strike fear in the heart of the most seasoned mom, especially when it is close to shopping day. What to fed the little beast to keep them happy, fed and busy. I think for moms who have kids in school it can cause even more of a panic attack. You can pack them an amazing healthy lunch, but are they going to eat it? Are they going to trade what you made them for a *shudder*pudding cup? Sure they may taste yummy and all that but you know the rest of the day will suffer. Then they will want something to eat as soon as they get home. Depending on how on your game you are it may not always be the best then a few hours till dinner. Do they eat something else and then they wont eat dinner? Ugh, lunch has so much riding on it.
Now I am fortunate, at least I think so, in the lunch time battle. My kids stay home so I don’t have to worry about them trading stuff away. I do though have to think on the fly some days as to what I am going to feed them. Now if you think back a few weeks to my post about picky eaters, my boys eat just about everything. So the issue isn’t usually what they will eat it is what I want to make that is going to provide a balance meal for the energetic boys.
When we need to go out sometimes I get a bit stressed out and wonder what we will bring. We don’t always have quick to go foods. Part of the not having many processed foods in the house. Though we make do with some quick go to foods.

  • hard boiled eggs
  • tuna fish or salmon
  • cheese
  • celery with peanut butter
  • cherry tomatoes
  • cheesy pasta
  • avocado

Sometimes we have just pb&j. I love looking at creative lunches on pintrest but I can’t figure out how to make all those cute things.

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