And in the end all you need is LOVE

Is this what you have seen for the last day all over Facebook? I this what is covering your news feed on Facebook? It has mine.
Now there are a few facts that I need to lay out about me before I go further. 1. I believe in Christ and a loving Heavenly Father 2. I believe in agency and the freedoms we are given here on earth.
This was taken off of Facebook I don’t know the original credit

I fully support equal rights in marriage. We claim that now the days of forced marriages for profit are over and that we marry for love. Love what a wonderful thing. Most everyone wants, desires and seeks love. A personal connection, a true deep connection. When you find the person who you can share that deep love and connection with you only hope that you can spend forever with that person. ❤ ❤

Yes there are nay sayers against equal rights marriage, some claiming all sorts of awful damnation. You know what though? This is where choice and agency come in. I believe we are here to live our lives, to love, to enjoy, to be happy.
Now there are people who spout that same sex relationship are the devils handiwork. I don’t know about that,but that is your choice to believe that. If you choose to not support same sex marriages then don’t attend one. If as a religious group you do not support same sex marriages then don’t have them in their buildings.
We need to step away from hating what we fear and do not understand.
Now is the time for people to step away from their interpretation of what God likes and doesn’t. We need to remember that above all we need love and compassion.
Also if we really want to get biblical ” So when they continues asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”  John 8:7
I know very well that every single person sins at least once a day and as long as you wish to have a heterosexual relationship you are allowed to marry. Let’s stop casting stones at those who sin differently then you and remember to go back to the core fundamentals of love. In a world that need a whole lot more love and a whole lot less hate, let’s get back to basics.
If you take this person to be your lawfully wedded spouse. For richer or for poorer, through sickness and health. Then so be it!
We are a developing people we believe in truth, beauty and love. Let’s start showing it.
I love you for who you are. I think that you should be allowed to have a civil marriage with a justice of the peace if you should choose. I also believe that if you choose to live a lifestyle that is not condoned be a certain sec of people that you should not expect them to change any more then they should expect you to change. Have you marriage of the land and love your spouse with all your heart..
Religions of the world to stay out of politics and mind your own business. If you do not agree with them, you must love them still but you are free to close your doors. Extinguish the hate, learn to love and accept. My brothers and sister of the world that is your choice and your freedom.

Mamavation Monday ~~~~~Who is YOUR Inspiration?

Isn’t that a big question? Who inspires you to make the change in your life?

For me my inspiration come in varying sizes. Small, medium and large as I often tell people. I have three beautiful wonderful amazing little boys that inspire me everyday. They are so full of life and excitement I just want to experience everything with them. I want to play and run and jump. I want to be with them and have fun.

Are they just sweet little bundles of inspiration.
Now some people think I’m a little off when I tell them that my children are my inspiration for the things that I do. People expect that inspirations are supposed to be older people that you look up to and want to follow their example. Well there is a few people that are older than me that I do look to for guidance but for true inspiration I look down. Why? Well they are really who I want to be as a person, happy friendly, loving and kind. Yes they are not always that but really most of the time they are awesome people. They make me proud to call them my boys every day. 
No scale or non scale victories to report, still recovering form a few weeks ago 😦 and now I’m sick.

Call to Moms of Boys!!!!

We need to help our boys!
We need to have our boys know that they are good human beings!

With all the news of rape this past few days it is appalling the rape culture we live in. The confusion between what is and isn’t consent. The lack of respect for another person just is wrong.

As mothers of boys we have a responsibility to raise up boys that quash this stereo type. We have to talk to our boys. We need to love them and we need to show them how to love others. We need to teach them about respect for them selves and others. We have to tell them that they are responsible for their actions, right from an early age.

It more then teaching them about sex and that when a girl says no to stop. It is so much more than that. The respect needs to start before. It is not just about saying no or yes it is about the respect that is mutually there before sex even come up.

We have a stigma that needs to be changed and it needs to change with the boys. For years we have been attacking girls telling them that they must act differently, dress differently, just be different so they didn’t lure our men into situations where they would rape them. Yes things need to change, but how about giving our men some control and telling them that they are responsible. I don’t know of a woman who gets dressed in the morning with the thought of ” This is so going to get me raped, this is what I am going to wear today!”

Accountability needs to be on both parties some times but really there needs to be a really big change on the male half. They need to know that no matter how much money they spend how much they are attracted to her, there is never NEVER EVER an excuse to take something that does not belong to you. Just to also clarify, since we don’t have slavery, she doesn’t belong to you!

Moms we need to help our boys. They are going into a world where in general it is believed that all men are potential rapists. How are we going to hep them? We can start by opening the conversation NOW! Talk to them about what is going on. It is a reality and you can’t hide it. If you don’t talk, someone else will and it wont always be the message you want. We need to encourage them to stand up for injustices, we need need to let them know that being a good person is good. We need to stop putting our head in the sand and thinking that it will never happen. We need to respect and love our sons enough to talk to them about this. They need to learn about sex and what is really is. We need to change this rape culture so that women can stop living in fear and men can been seen as respectable individuals.

Now I am going to have to put it out there that yes I am aware that rape goes both ways but the stats are far against the men. The discussion should be with both girls and boys, but as a mom of boys I am very passionate about working to change this world where you can effect change. I can effect change with my sons. I encourage you to do the same with your children. You will each have your own set of values and morals that works for your family. I would prefer to teach my children to wait till they can see themselves being with some that they would want to raise a family with. Everyone is different and will raise their children with their own values, but the conversation needs to start.

Sex should not be hidden away in the family setting, children should know that they can come with questions. They should have a safe environment to talk in, where they know they will get honest answers. If you don’t talk they will seek out the answers, through peers and the internet. Children are resourceful they will find the answers but will they be the answers you want them to find?

Have you opened the discussion in your home?

Mamavation Monday ~~~~ Lunch time grumble

Lunch. That mid day meal that can strike fear in the heart of the most seasoned mom, especially when it is close to shopping day. What to fed the little beast to keep them happy, fed and busy. I think for moms who have kids in school it can cause even more of a panic attack. You can pack them an amazing healthy lunch, but are they going to eat it? Are they going to trade what you made them for a *shudder*pudding cup? Sure they may taste yummy and all that but you know the rest of the day will suffer. Then they will want something to eat as soon as they get home. Depending on how on your game you are it may not always be the best then a few hours till dinner. Do they eat something else and then they wont eat dinner? Ugh, lunch has so much riding on it.
Now I am fortunate, at least I think so, in the lunch time battle. My kids stay home so I don’t have to worry about them trading stuff away. I do though have to think on the fly some days as to what I am going to feed them. Now if you think back a few weeks to my post about picky eaters, my boys eat just about everything. So the issue isn’t usually what they will eat it is what I want to make that is going to provide a balance meal for the energetic boys.
When we need to go out sometimes I get a bit stressed out and wonder what we will bring. We don’t always have quick to go foods. Part of the not having many processed foods in the house. Though we make do with some quick go to foods.

  • hard boiled eggs
  • tuna fish or salmon
  • cheese
  • celery with peanut butter
  • cherry tomatoes
  • cheesy pasta
  • avocado

Sometimes we have just pb&j. I love looking at creative lunches on pintrest but I can’t figure out how to make all those cute things.

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Mamavation Monday ~~~ When the world crashes

Just keep going. Life will go on with or with out you.
Ever have those weight-loss moments when you feel like nothing you do is ever going to work? When you don’t understand why you can’t seem to lose weight. You change your diet, you eat right, you exercise. Nothing changes though…… Or worse the weight goes up. Really really lame!
Yup this has been battle I knew a few issues were on I had trouble getting enough calories into my body for what I was doing. I wasn’t hungry but my body was starving. I really have been trying to change this but it is hard. The second reason I suspected but hadn’t confirmed due to wonky hormones. I was pregnant. Unfortunately was is the key word. This has been very saddening, but it happens  it just sucks. So we are on the path of working to heal my body a bit more and get it ready to grow another person when the time is right.
Getting back on track in a few days. Just need a few moments to process.

When she finds her power……

Today marks International Women’s Day. It is the 102 anniversary, an admittedly the world is very different then it was back then. There has been many strides in rights for women, we now vote, become educated, we can hold just about any position in first world developed countries. We are women hear us roar!!!
It is not all sugar coating and candy though. It is still very hard for women. Everything from our reproductive organs, the clothes we wear to when and where we are allowed to pray, birth or breastfeed are under attack regularly. Yes to some these are very first world issues and there are always bigger issues at hand. Though why are we doing squabbling about small thing when there are bigger issues.
What are some big issues?

Work, Pay & Education
While women now are allowed in the work place there is still many male dominated fields. While many nay sayers will say that women are very welcome in many male dominated programs, the graduation rates show differently. In Canada only 3.7% of enrolled student are women and at a staggering 1.5% represent the graduation numbers. Now yes there are defiantly female dominated fields like nursing, teaching. There are many more field that are male dominated for post secondary education. The big shocker for that is more women are going to post secondary school. In 2006/2007 women represented 56% of enrollment and 59% of graduates.( Status of Women Canada)
Now we know that women have the education. Though women still often make less money then men for the same position. Now why is that?
Another argument I see is why women are not often seen in the position of power and authority. They are not often in the forefront of the organizations, even if they hold higher positions. Where are the women?
Violence against women
This is heart wrenching to think about. One in three women, TODAY, will be a victim of violence. That is over 1 billion individuals. That shocks my heart but I know it is possible the the numbers are much higher. There are things that are not currently included in what classifies violence against women most particularly obstetric violence. For more info on that please check out
Women living in conflict zones fear daily for them and their families. Most of the world refugees displaced by conflict are women and children. The levels of rape also increase in conflict areas increasing the violence against women. For some shocking facts look here
These are really the main arguments I hear about when I hear people stomping around about women’s rights. We want freedom with our bodies and if we choose to go to work we want to make the same amount of money!
Double Standards equation
There are a lot of double standards in the world. We need to be eliminating this thought ad stigma.  Feminism is about rights and freedom for women. Surprisingly it is not about crushing men. Equality is attainable if you stop the crushing and allow people to do what they desire and stop trying to control.

Find your power
Today recognize that you are a strong beautiful amazing person. Capable of doing whatever you desire. Whether it is to become a plumber or architect or stay home with the children. You have my support. Lets celebrate women. We have a far greater influence in this world then we often realize. Find your power and realize with good intentions how far you can go with it.
How will you be celebrating today?

Mamavation Monday ~~~~ When they just wont eat

Do you have a picky eater in your home? 
How do you manage healthy meals with picky eaters in the home?

You know what I don’t have this trouble but I have friends who do. I feel at a loss when their kids are over and they wont eat what I feed them. Nothing really edges me off as much as a kid who sticks their nose up at good healthy food. When they start making gross noises and complaining about what they are being served, I can’t help but think of the kids out there who would love to even eat today.
I try to be very understanding with kids who have sensitivities  Ones who have texture issues or allergies. Though kids who just down right refused can really frustrate me. I try to remain somewhat level headed. There are times where I fail, just like any other person. I put a lot of effort into the food I create.
I do though have a few tricks for getting my boys to eat new things.
By now most people have heard about the Deceptively Delicious Cookbook. It is all about getting the nutrients into the kids who down right refuse to eat anything that is unprocessed. This can be a good tool to keep the nutrients in their diets.  How can you change the attitude towards healthy options?

My answer is super simple. Don’t offer the unhealthy ones anymore. Don’t even let them be an option. Yes it may suck for you as an adult that you now no longer have some yummy things in your house. Still having treats once in awhile is good. But take away whatever they are substituting for real food! Also keep offering keep the veggies on their plates. Let them see YOU eating them and enjoying them. Encourage them to try them at every single meal. They don’t have to like it but they do have to try it. It sounds harsh to some people, but it is a fact that for some thing you have to try something at least 3 and up to 15 times to develop a taste.

For people with babies start you babies on veggies as soon as they are ready for real food around 6-9 month feed you child real food. ( monitored of course ) If you look at new feeding suggestions by many national health groups you will see what I am talking about.
For children who do not have special needs, sometimes tough love is needed. There is always food available  don’t like it don’t eat it. I don’t make special dinners for those who choose to not eat. I do listen to the children  and if they truly don’t like it then I wont make it again. This is dinner and if you follow me on instagram you will see the yummy things I cook.

Food is important, it is the fuel your body uses. It is the only body you have and will ever have! Think about it!

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