Resolutions Suck

Every new year people make resolutions and many by the first week have broken them. Next the feeling of failure and defeat come, and they give up. If they failed once they will fail again. That is the biggest issues!!!!

So many people wait till the new year to start something. Why wait? Why put yourself through the stress of over and over again punishing yourself, because you can’t change your life completely at the beginning of the new year.

Now I’m all for people changing their lives to be more of whatever it is that they want to be but taking smaller more reasonable steps, just makes more sense.

Did you know most people have quit their resolution by the end of January, just given up?

Why do you think that is? I’ll tell why I think that is.

They don’t have a plan. They don’t know what they are actually going to do about it. When the going gets tough what are they going to change? Whether it’s getting healthy, fit, losing weight, cleaning the house more, quitting smoking, even having more sex, whatever it is with out a real plan it will go no where.

Already today I see twitter and Facebook feeds asking how to get out of the funk of their resolution?  How to curb cravings and do you have to work out even when your sick?

Now trust me I’m great at figuring out how to fail at whatever I’m doing. I really don’t start with a well thought out plan. I have a plan for the first few days while I’m still energized but once it gets hard things fall apart.

Changing your life style is hard it take time effort and plans. It really does! I have read that it takes 21 days for a habit to form. Well I still waiting to find out how long to make that habit stick. because 21 days hasn’t been enough this far.

But not that changes!

I’m going for it. I will change.

Get a plan set some real goals and going for it 🙂


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