We believe in Santa

How much do you know about Santa? The fat man in red and white, what role does he play in your home? Does he play any role at all?

In our home Santa is talked about and the children choose to believe in him. We don’t make a giant production of it. He is a fun Christmas game, as far as presents go, watching the Santa tracker and making cookies. In the morning their stocking will be filled but there will be no giant “Santa” present.

Some people have asked me how I present this idea of Santa to my children.  We simply have discussed the story of St. Nicholas, the original Santa. How he was a man who gave gifts to children because he cared about them. He was a good man who cared about others and helped them out with the money that he had. He was an example of Christ like love.

My boys are aware that all the men they see dressed as Santa is just a person in a costume. They still have fun and play the game. There is no harm, I think, as long as they know the truth. I don’t drill it into them. It’s light it’s fun.

Santa can be a wonderful tool for teaching your children about the season of giving, the miracle and wonders that come out of being generous this season. It doesn’t have to be something big that is given but the thought and desire to give to another is what should be focused on.

Yes we believe in Santa, we believe in the spirit and the good that Santa can do!!! The real Santa, the one who lives and shows Christs love!

Merry Christmas to you.

Please remember even if you don’t celebrate what I celebrate

Above all I believe in love and that will make the world a better place


One thought on “We believe in Santa

  1. My daughter just turned three last week and she isn't into Santa yet. She is now just learning about who Santa is and is also learning about presents. So far it's just a regular day to her.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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