A question of fad diets

It seems like every month there is a new diet that everyone must try.

“Rid belly fat”
” drop 10 lbs in 10 days!”
“Change your life in ____ days”

“eat only _____ calories and you’ll drop 2-3lbs a day”

” only eat__________ for the rest of you life and you’ll be skinny!”

You’ve heard them all and you probably hear them on a regular basis. If you are struggling with your weight you will likely have well meaning family members telling you about all the latest this or that. Most people look at things and wonder if it can really be all the rainbows and sunshine that people marketing the product tell you.

It can be there can be really good aspects for most of the fad diets out there. But those are aspects! You need to think critically about what each diet is presenting to you.

It should 1st and foremost be offering you a lifestyle change. You got to where you are by the lifestyle you have right now. That needs to change. It should be realistic and doable.
It should be offering you a deadline. Goals without deadlines are just dreams. If this has been a struggle you need a deadline, this helps breed accountability.
It should have meal plan assistance and suggestions. Nothing is harder than when trying to switch your food and having no idea what you are doing. They should be easy to do and easy to maintain. Having good healthy food that is easy to do will help a success in your diet change.
It should include a exercise plan. Whether you follow it or not is really your choice but there should be on there for you to use. A diet that doesn’t involve exercise is not on the path to a healthy body, just a skinny body and they are not the same thing.

Now you are going to do what you are going to do. You need to do what is healthy for your body. I myself started using Protein Shakes a little less than a year ago. I changed my life, I changed my energy, I changed my health.  For me it was a doable plan complete with what I needed. and that was an easy healthy option for an on the go mom who doesn’t remember to eat during the day and binges at night. For me it worked. I progressively learned how to change my health and while I still use my shakes most mornings I don’t require them and I am looking for more natural options. For me it was essentially a gateway thing something to start the process. I’m not going towards a healthier more natural organic diet.

So not all fads are bad, but some are. I personally would never use a starvation diet. I think they are bad for you and unhealthy. 1100- 1600 calories of good real food calories per day is what I need for my self and my situation.

Now please remember to always consult your health professional before bringing any diet or exercise routine In theory they know you better than me.

There is no magic pill, anyone who tells you there is, is lying to you and is trying to take your money!

It took time to get where you are it will take time to get back!!!!



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