Thankful Thursday ~~~~~ My Children

So cliche isn’t it? I’m thankful for my kids, it is such an easy one to come up with. It is an easy go to when counting your blessings.

But why?

Why am I thankful for my boys?

Let me tell you why.

They bring me joy even in the darkest moments.
They love me always and unconditionally
Their smiles lights up my world
They help me realize who I should be
They are wonderful examples
They are helpful
They are honest
They have fulfilled my dreams in so many ways


It is a Challenge

Weightloss is no easy feat. It is hard work, lots of hard work. it is something you have to commit to. Every day you need to make an honest effort to stick to a proper diet, and exercise  even when you see all the ymumy things you could be eating.

Right now is the season of excess and gorging. So many people eat way more food then they should at fancy parties and get togethers. They drink way too much as well! Did you know that alcohol can contribute to weight gain and well and stalling a weightloss? Yes it is a sad truth for some who are on this journey to be brush with extra challenges, but you need to push through.

For those who have hit their goals and gotten to where they want to be. Now is not the time to lose it! Keep going don’t get lax. Often people will put on 5- 10  or more pounds through the holiday season. To some that may not seem like a lot but to someone who has been struggling with weightloss it can seem like a ton.

For me it seems so hard to get anywhere. When I’m at a party and there is yummy amazing food, yes I want to eat it. I get to eat real food without having to share. I get a dessert for ME! It is really easy to quickly go to far.

There is good news though!

You can still keep up with you goals. Eat smart and be conscious about what is going into your body.  Now still don’t go gorging at the parties. But you may be able to have a small treat, or a drink.

Keeping you healthy in this time of excess is very important. It can lead to less sicknesses which means not having to miss out

Thou shall not Consume

Oh Black Friday is here again. Living in Canada we don’t get as much hype of it but it is around and people get into it. I know of people who have hopped the border to go get some awesome deal for something that they are sure they need. Now I am all for a good deal. I love getting things on sale or second hand.  I go to thrift shops and online classifieds, when I’m looking for something. I really try to avoid excess. I strive for a simpler life for us. Yes we have things in our house that are not necessary for survival, they are luxuries and convinces, but they are not fancy and many of them are older.

This time of year makes me really sad for our society in so many ways. During the holiday season, we speak of good tidings to our fellow man, love and charity. These seem to be only sentiments though as from today onwards, any time you set foot in a big box store it is maddness. Crowds of people, wanting wanting wanting. The thing that scares me most though is so many people are confusing want with need.

Let me give you an example. Today we needed winter tires for our van. Where we live it is a need. If I don’t have good tires on my van when it snows I will be going no where, it wouldn’t be safe. Now this is something we need, but we don’t need the fanciest best brand name tires. What we need are good quality tires that will get the job done, at a reasonable price. That is what we got, no bells and whistles  just what we need.

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Too many people think they needs the newest fanciest gadgets on the block, and some of them are willing to wait in the cold to get some deal.  I usually get any tech devices once they are no longer the fanciest things. I don’t bother with the fancy stuff because I know I would go broke trying to keep up. There is always something newer and fancier.

So why am I against consumerism and Black Friday nonsense? Quite simply because 20% of the world’s population consume 80% of the resources. we are a wasteful greedy society that takes and takes. Wants and wants. It is never enough for some people. People go into huge amounts of debt every single Christmas. Why is this? Because we live in a world where we love possessions more then people. We show love by buying gifts for one another. It seems that the days of service and hand made goods are falling away. We we can take it back. You can choose to not buy everything you see. You can choose to say no!

Thankful Thursday~~~ My values

I am thankful for my beliefs and values. They make me who I am. They shape my family and pass on down to my children.

My values make me stronger, they give me strength when nothing else does. I know who I am!

Through accepting my beliefs and values I have accepted me. I am who I am. Sometimes it isn’t always easy to be forging your own road, One that is different from those around you , but I know what I stand for and I can’t change who I am.

I love you for you. Please love me for me.

I don’t do the things in my life to be against you. I do them for that is what I believe is right for me.

The Rights of a Child

Today is National Child Day. Today we celebrate the rights of children.

Canada’s national “Child Day” is held November 20th each year as enacted in Bill C-371, otherwise known as the  Child Day Act, by the Parliament of Canada in 1993.
It commemorates the United Nations adoption of two landmark documents concerned with the human rights of all children and youths.
On “Child Day”, Canadians honour our children and The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of The Child  on November 20th, 1959, and the The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child  on November 20th, 1989.
The Convention spells out the basic human rights to which children (under the age of 18) everywhere are entitled.
The purpose of Child Day is to promote awareness about the Convention to Canadians .
It is also a day to support Canadian children’s rights by voicing your concerns about Canadian children’s rights violations to the politicians of Canada and to educate our children about their rights and responsibilities.
All children have rights. More then just basic rights of food, water and shelter. Children have  the right to being cared for in a loving and understanding home, whether that be with the parents or another designated home. They have the right to social security, to grow and develop in health. I love that there are so many rights put out for our children to keep them safe and equal human beings in this world.
I feel that there are a few things more for me personally that children have rights to!
I believe all children have the right to the best food for their health, even in infancy. Yes I mean human milk, if you can’t produce it there are other ways. I believe that a child owns their body, all of it even from the time they are born, they have a right to not have their bodies modified, unless truly medically necessary  I believe children have a right to be equal with all other human beings, they are not less because they are little. I believe that children have the right to be children. That means they can play, laugh, climb trees and snuggle. They have the right to learn their emotions, it is a big job and they need your loving kindness. 
Children are wonderful little gifts.  They are innocent precious souls. How you treat them will form how the new generation will be. While you must fill their rights laid out by the UN, remember to fill their rights are a person, as you expect your right to be filled.

Thankful Thursday~~~~ My village

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it’s true. I think it also takes a village to uphold a woman. We are not alone in this world, we need to remember that. Women have more power then they give themselves. They have a divine nature that is amazing and wonderful.

I am thankful for all of the women in my life. They are all close to my heart, and I think about all of you often. While we may not always be in close contact I wish my thoughts could be transferred directly to you so you would know how often I think of you. Each one of you have contributed a special part of who I am and where I’m going in my life. Each of you have touched my life in your own special way that you have forever changed me with our relationship. I love you all, I love your fiercely, and I always will. Without you I wouldn’t be who I am. I just want you to know whether we talk often, or barely at all. If we have lost touch over the years, I am thankful for you!

Let them be little

Most adults I know wish they could be kids again, free from the worries and stresses of the world. Most kids cant wait to grow up. I cant blame the kids or really the adults, while you are young adult life is so amazing. We constantly are getting kids to grow up or think about the future. You know what who cares what they want to be when they grow up. They are kids they have years to grow up. Right now my son tells me he wants to be a superhero who saves the world. Great! there is nothing that he needs to do right now to prep for that because it could change next week. If he wants to be a doctor, great! At 6 he doesn’t need to do anything. Right now he needs to be a kid. He needs to explore life and find out what he likes. He doesnèt have to think about getting old and getting a job right now. That will come with time. Right now he needs to be little and have fun. Don’t try and get your kids to grow up to fast, childhood is short let them live it.

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World explorer

He can be whatever he wants when he grows up but right now he can be a kid!