Learning to Navigate

We recently went on a little adventure,  A friend told me about Wolf Camp down in Sumas WA. She has boys right around Damian and Ainsley’s age, so when she tells me about things my ears perk up.They have a homeschooling classes every few month, which is neat so there is a larger range of kids. I love getting together with different ages of children who are homeschooled!

So we went and it worked out that grandparents were in town so I just took Damian. I was nice to have a few hours just us 🙂

It was a great class. He learned how to properly use a compass, and so did I! that way we can come back to it. Learned about directions, sun time and different way to orienteer and navigate. We both had fun and learned something. It was a very engaging teacher and he worked really well with the kids. I was very happy and definitely plan on going back again. they have classes on Edible plants, survival and animal tracking coming up. So much fun for a little boy who wants to learn all about nature!


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