Rock on Pink

I love PINK, I think her music is awesome and inspiring. Something about a lot of her music really resonates with me. Whether it is to rock or or get serious, I don’t think I have come across a song of hers I haven’t liked. I admit when a star I like names crosses headlines, I read it. Well this headline caught my attention on many levels Rocker Mom Pink almost starts fight over rude breastfeeding remark. Now that caught my attention. 1. Love Pink 2. Support Breastfeeding. I had to read it. Going through the article, I smiled. All I could think is “Rock on Pink”.
What Pink was doing, is perfectly natural, and she was even using a cover according to the article. Now I usually don’t encourage fighting with others, but people need to get rid of their idea that breastfeeding should stay behind closed doors. I had always wondered if Pink was a bit more of a breastfeeding advocate, and now I know. I think it is great the celebrities that are out and about breastfeeding it makes us “normal” people look less strange for doing it. Rock on Pink, rock on.

 There is a part in this video that I love where they are feeding a cow human milk…. makes about as much sense as feeding a human cow milk… just saying!


2 thoughts on “Rock on Pink

  1. Pink has evolved into a much more complex artist since she first started. I started listening to her music back when I was still in high school and that feels so long ago! Her image has changed as well and the songs to her lyrics has become more meaningful.


    Roxi @ Mr. Jacob's Mom

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