I remember 9-11

Really most people know about 9-11. I’m going to tell you about that day in my life.

I was just a day shy of 17. I woke up around 7am to get ready for school. It was my last day of being 16, I was looking forward to another day of seeing my friends. I got showered, dressed and ready. I’m my house we didn’t have any news or radios on in the morning. There was likely cartoons on for the younger kids but we were oblivious to what was going on in the world. I had some breakfast and then headed off to school. I remember the walk to school being unusually quiet. There really didn’t seem to be anyone around, I didn’t think much of it as I walked. Life is pretty good when you are a teenager a day before their birthday. I walked skipped and hummed along my merry way.

It was when I got to school that I noticed something was very different about today. There weren’t many people outside. Very unusual. I entered the front doors and there was everyone. it seemed like one of those strange drone scenes in a movie it seemed like everyone was fixated on the TV’s. We had TV’s through out our school to post the different announcements and time. We had them in most classrooms as well. It seemed that at each and every TV there were 30-50 students huddled and staring. in larger locations more. There were some people sobbing and some in complete shock just staring. I remember walking in and having now idea what was going on. The first time I looked at one of the TV’s it all happened in slow motion. Every TV was turned to CNN. At first I didn’t understand what was going on. Even when I try to remember it is just clouds of dust and debris and information, but unable to process the information that was coming through. Then I remember seeing the clip of the plane going into the tower. I join my fellow students staring in disbelief. I remember that feeling of utter sadness and astonishment. How could this be happening?

Through the day information come through. I really honestly don’t know if anything was actually achieved for school work that day. There were some teachers that turned off the TV’s so students would just keep staring. Watching the terror happen over and over again with more and more news reports of people dying.

I remember, I probably always will. This event shook the world in a way that not many other events have. This reshaped history.

Today I will reflect and remember all those who were lost. I will pray for their families that they find comfort and solace. This is a day of remembrance. Remember where we were where we have come and where we will go.

Two lights soar high in the sky as a tribute to the 9/11 disaster in NYC

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