The Swimsuit Battle

So most people shop for swimsuits at the beginning of summer. Not me. I have lost about 30 lbs now and I wanted a swimsuit for the end of summer beach season. Plus sales going on are pretty awesome too!

Now I don’t approach swimsuit shopping with much confidence. Really I don’t know a woman who does, but that is besides the point.

So here I am in a store the sells swimsuits. I look at the walls very carefully. There are too many options. I kinda want to walk out right then and there. I need to get a suit that fits though. Ainsley is sitting under a rack. Yes I did this with all three kids and David. This may have made a hard time a teeny bit harder, but it all worked out.

Okay so I’m looking at all these options remembering my super pale skin and stretch mark so I go for the tankini and bottoms and try on a one piece that looks like it might be slimming. It was cute. Then the sales lady spotted me. Not sure If I was grateful that it took her this long or annoyed. It is really neither here nor there. I’m thinking maybe I should go to the store that offers fittings???? But then they want to see me and that might be worse. Oh no what am I going to do, I need something decent to wear on the beach. Something I am willing to be seem in.

I sigh and grab the suits and follow her to the fitting room. She sees I have the monkey’s in tow and asks if I would like the family room. Sure why not. Keeps them from running around the store. Clearly not thinking David is fully capable of taking care of them, it is just my auto reaction to find a place to care for them.

So I have Damian and Ainsley with me and Cael is on David’s back, all should be good. Slip into two swimsuit should be nice and quick. I try the one piece first, it’s black with some neat criss cross action going on with a bit of white. It was cute on the hanger. I need to stop thinking things that are cute on the hanger are going to be nearly as cute on me. I felt like a beached orca, and that is really disheartening when you have lost 30 lbs in the last 6 months. It was not cute or fun, more like a horror show where people evacuate the beach for fear of the monster. Yes not enjoying this experience. I go with the next top it is one of those bandeau tankinis with a little bottom. I think the colour was not me. I was done I was a giant army green monster this time. Side profile not to bad front not so friendly.  I feel defeated. I don’t want to try anything more on. Another sign and lets get changed. So far the boys have been okay keeping the curtain closed. which is really nice. I know I shouldn’t be thinking how nice they have been , that usually asks for trouble. Sure enough I have the bathing suit off and I’m standing there in my underwear and Ainsley whips open the curtain. Fortunately there weren’t many people around but really between the suits and everyone getting to see me in all my glory could this trip be much worse. Luckily no. We shopped a bit for dresses I left the mall with no bathing suit. I’ll return again. Maybe I’ll go to the store that fits you for swimsuits? I just don’t have $100 to spend on something like that.. ugh


6 thoughts on “The Swimsuit Battle

  1. HUGS
    Congrats on loosing 30 lbs. That's fantastic! Even skinny girls hate swim suit shopping. I hate it too. That and Jeans shopping! should be out lawed!

  2. Awww, I'm sorry about your bathing suit lack of shopping spree. But I sure was entertained. I guess you don't want to here that I lucked out right before the 4th of July and found one at a reasonable try and the first one I tried on. Well that's just dandy right? Kinda. But I bought separates/different brands/navy. You see where I'm going? I found some navy swim shorts to go with a navy and white tankini. Very cute together. It matched in the dressing room, out of the dressing room, at the register, in the bag. But not in the sun. I match from a distance. I think.

  3. Poor you! Shopping for a swimsuit is no fun. I always head for the tankinis too. They offer the comfort of a bikini if you have to pee, but the coverage of a swimsuit.

    I wouldn't fork out 100$ either for a swimsuit! Mine cost me about 12 bucks.


  4. Yuck…swimsuit shopping. I agree on the tankini–the most forgiving, and you can change out the bottoms if they wear faster. Don't do the fitting thing. Only you can look in the mirror, and decide for yourself. It just has to feel ok, and then you know. Awesome on the weight loss by the way!

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