Why the boobies are RAD!!!

So in case you didn’t know today winds up World Breastfeeding Week August 1-7th. You may have noticed a few people talking about it, you may not have.

I wanted to tell you a few reason why I think breastfeeding is RAD.  Some of these reasons are totally selfish, but great none the less.

Super Powers. Quite simply amazing stuff in breast milk. There are so many things breast milk can do because it is just awesome. Small things like pink eye and ear infection, to some say helping the healing  in sick kids. Who know but it does support little humans in major growth and development.

No Flow Some women are so extremely privileged that their cycles don’t return while they are breastfeeding. This is pretty awesome thing to not have to worry about.

Natural Birth Control Those of us lucky mama’s who do not ovulate while breastfeeding means no surprise babies. This can be a great thing if you are wanting to not go with hormonal birth control or use condoms. I for one Simply can not seem to get pregnant without my cycle.

Skinny Minnie Some extremely lucky moms, of I am not one of, lose baby weight like crazy. I have watch mamas just have pounds drop with breastfeeding. Luck ladies!

Escape Clause I swear you can get out of almost anything with needing to feed the baby. Want to get away from the weird relative? Time to feed the baby Want to stop the awkward conversation? Time to feed the baby.  While I support and encourage opening breastfeeding anywhere any time, it can be a great escape.

Daddy Bonding Time There are so many ways daddy can bond with the baby. Like changing the diaper before he bring the baby for something to eat. Or bathing the baby while you have a nap. The feeding is mama’s job there are many more for daddy to do. ( that mama doesn’t want to to shhhhhh )

Extreme Boobage Okay pregnancy boobs are cool but nursing boobs are AMAZING! Seriously I went from a C/D to a  F when my milk showed up. Bound to make baby and daddy happy.

So rock the boobs. Embrace this stage of life, you get to nourish human beings. Support moms in their quest to breastfeed.


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