I breastfeed because I’m lazy

Yup if it involves little works I’m all over it. Really once we have figured out latch how much more effort does it take to breastfeed?
Get up to feed the baby in the middle of the night ? Nope roll over and breastfeed. This is where co-sleeping helps out
Prep bottles? Nope Always ready, always with me. I would never pack enough either I forget things
Clean and sanitize? Nope, it would really hurt to sanitize my breasts, ouch. It is always ready and perfect for baby.
Worry about running of formula? No. I never have to stress about having enough milk. We work on a supply and demand system. He wants it and I supply it!
Worry about the grocery budget? No extra cost of formula really save money. Damian had some when he was a baby and oh man that stuff is pricey. Also I don’t eat that much more breastfeeding than I do not. Extra good snacks I should be having any ways to keep my body healthy.
Worry about weaning? Nope, he will stop we he is done. Extended breastfeeding has many advantages

I nurse my babies. I’m proud of my ability to nurse my babies, and for a long time. I nurse my babies until they self wean. Why? Also because I am lazy, I really have no desire to take something away from my child that brings them nourishment and comfort. Most of the time I love nursing my babies, even my toddlers. Nursing toddlers brings it’s own level of amusement, but all in all it works really well and we enjoy our time together.

I don’t understand how people can possibly insist it is easier to bottle feed, it sounds like way too much work. All the cleaning and preparing and buying. I love breastfeeding my children and I will continue to do it till they are done with that aspect of our relationship.


This would be one of those interesting moments, Cael wanted some milk with his cookie. He often nurses and works on a snack at the same time.


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