Mommy Confession ~~~~~ I do Junk ( sometimes )

Yup! I do let my kids have the occasional treat. It’s not on a daily basis, they don’t drink pop and juice everyday But maybe once in awhile they have something. When I make cookies they have them. They have chips and surplees. Though these are special treats for them. We do them for nice things on road trips, or special occasions.

We also go to a certain fast food restaurant a bit more than I would like. You know the one with a giant yellow coloured letter? Yea I thought you did. I bet you go there too! Shhhh don’t tell but I kinda like it too! O.O yup I like the fries. I’m sure they coat them in something highly addictive but I don’t get them often and we don’t spend a ton of money when we go. We beat the system. I don’t do the kids meals I split adult meals for them. NO more toys!!!!!

So yup we do junk but it is in moderation for us. According to some of my friends the kids never get any treats, but hey they do it’s just not a daily thing.


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