Mommy Confession ~~~~~~ The phone issue

My patience is reserved 90% of the time for when we are out. It’s true! I’m much more of a patient mother when we are out and about with the kids. Or maybe it just seems that I require more patience with my children when we are out. I really don’t know why when another party is involved apparently that is the time to go crazy and drive mom batty???? Seriously. Some times I just want a few minutes where I can carry on an adult conversation with out a kid attached or having to chase one down.
Ainsley has a particular affinity for asking for the same thing 20 times even if I have given him the answer he wants. He just simply isn’t listening. My patience is tested most days when we go out but nothing test my patience more than this simple regular act right at home.

ring ring… hello?
Hi! Just thought I would call and catch up? how have things been?
Great! Good the hear from you.

This is the moment when the previously quiet occupied child decide they need to do something else. Is this something else constructive? Nope, no such luck. It is battle time or time to ask mom 20 times for whatever it is that is not allowed right now. In hopes that she will change he mind. Mom is on the phone she doesn’t want to deal with us in a normal manner?  She wants to have a normal civil conversation with her friend. Mom will give into TV, games or treats when she is busy, wont she?

Drives me nuts. It is every single time I am on the phone too! No wonder I don’t make work phone calls during the day!


One thought on “Mommy Confession ~~~~~~ The phone issue

  1. Kids are such attention-whores, aren't they? And they simply clamor for that attention when we're at our busiest. I know I need a lesson or two on patience. Let me know when they start selling patience in bottles…

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