Mommy Confession ~~~~~~ Vacuuming

I don’t vacuum nearly regularly enough. I do usually once a week or so but it gets pretty grim. I have this pretty and expensive vacuum. So I really have no excuse other than I don’t want to haul it out and deal with everything that goes on with it.

It seems whenever I vacuumed the dog think the powerhose is some evil monster who is out the get the family. She tries to bite the powerhead, she does that with the lawn mower too! It is likely a loud noise thing. One of the kids usually wants to help, which would be fine if that didn’t make all of them want to. I know, let them help. I do but three little boys trying to vacuum, usually ends up in something getting vacuumed up. I do clean the floor first but Lil Squish transports things everywhere. Laundry with him awake is a whole new ball game. Eventually the floors get cleaned, usually when hubby is home and can distract the monkeys.
So that’s my mommy confession. I do not vacuum and cleans the floors as often as I should.


5 thoughts on “Mommy Confession ~~~~~~ Vacuuming

  1. Well at least it sounds like you have a reason for not vacuuming more! We have hardwood floors that needs to be mopped often but I just don't do it because I'm too lazy!

  2. Oh Ally… I feel your pain! I just dread housecleaning period! Recently, my daughter (5) really likes to help- especially with dusting … which is torturous here in this part of the country {being that by the time I finish dusting… well it looks like I never did!} … as far as vacuuming goes- I no longer have wall to wall carpet. The thought of it grosses me out, only because the vacuum NEVER gets all the dirt. I've seen too many pulled up to see what lays underneath.. so now a days we have one very small area rug that gets shook/beat and one Persian rug [which I try to vacuum once/week]… and we will not talk about windows!

  3. UGH! Thank goodness half of my kids are old enough that I don't have to vacuum myself every day and I can't WAIT to get rid of the wall to wall carpet we have. Blech!

  4. I, too, will never go back to wall-to-wall carpet–my kids spill too much and my cats barf too much for that! I need to sweep our hardwood floors more, but I also get a lot of “help” from my little ones.

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