Humiliation in Schools? Is it okay?

Simple answer according to me NO. A big giant resounding NO! Recently i read this story on Yahoo,

Grade 3 student receives ‘catastrophe award’ for most homework excuses. I was honestly appalled by it, I couldn’t believe that this was given out to a child. In this day and age where we are recognizing bullying and trying to put a stop to it, why is it okay for a teacher to do this to a child. I would love to think that maybe this was an isolated event, but no, a simple Google search will bring up thousands of results. Now I didn’t go through every single one of them, I don’t have that kind of time. Also my blood pressure I don’t think would take the strain, and my blood pressure is usually just fine.
Now I really have thoughts on shame parenting. It doesn’t work for us, it doesn’t fly with me. Though I have tried it, in moments of desperation. I really don’t see how shaming someone into doing something is going to be beneficial in the long run. Sure they may do it but it will not be with a willing heart, and likely with resentment.
I feel that as a society we really need to have a better understanding of supporting our children. Shaming them and embarrassing them is not a method to raise good functional members of society. It will just perpetuate society. Now I know there are many folks who think differently and that is your choice. Heck life would be pretty boring if we all agreed on everything.
What I do think more people should agree on it that when you are in a place of authority, you should uphold some sort of  appropriate behavior. Had it been a student that did this to another student it would not have been acceptable. Though for some reason when an adult does it. it should be seen as funny and acceptable. This is an awful double standard. We treat children as if they are greatly less than adults. You should remember they are the ones who are eventually going to be deciding which nursing home you go into.  Give them some respect and love and you will get it in return, eventually. Be the example for the next generation. If you don’t like what you are seeing change it.
If we learn to treat others with love and respect life will work out. Working together like pieces of a puzzle. When forced they may go where you want them to go but it may not be where they belong.

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7 thoughts on “Humiliation in Schools? Is it okay?

  1. I agree with you that an “award” such as this is wrong. As a dance teacher where all work is public, however, I hope that students understand that sometimes they will receive negative feedback. Sometimes they do something wrong, or even beneath them and need to be told. Never humiliated, but they need to hear it straight. These days, where so much is sugarcoated, and anyone who is honest is called a Tiger Mom, I worry that we have lost the middle ground. Anyone who has a strong, solid work ethic has an internalized sense of shame when they produce something substandard. I find a lot of today's kids to be missing that, because they are told that they are always good when that is not always true. A teacher's job is to be honest, yet encouraging. There is a way to do both.

  2. Wow, I personally believe that while some people do not see it as a form of bullying that this is exactly what it is. How are children supposed to learn whats right from the examples set by adults, if the adults are no better than their own students?

  3. Teachers should be able to give constructive criticism without embarrassing a child. There are times when things have to be addressed in front of the class and teachers needs the freedom to be able to correct a child, but NEVER, NEVER humiliate or embarrass them!

  4. I beleive there are other ways to correct students then to embarass and humiliate them in front of others. If somebody you look up to does this to you and a student sees that as acceptable to be done to him/her what is to stop them from to doing it to somebody else? Unfortunately that child will remember the students laughing at her longer then probabley some of the things she learned in that class.

  5. I read this story and couldn't help but wonder “what was she thinking”. I've read quite a few stories of teachers doing unthinkable things to their students that are so wrong, like the teacher who actually wrote on a student's face with a black marker (I can't remember the word she wrote, but it was not appropriate). I guess some people are just not made to be teachers.

    Stopping by from VoiceBoks!

  6. When I heard this on the news, I just was dumb-founded. It seems every week we're hearing about a bad decision in a school – 6yo getting suspended, 3rd graders getting…. it just raises the hair on my neck! Clearly this teacher wasn't thinking at all. I have heard of “dumby awards” for adults – we are old enough to understand the joke, but not little kids.

    Laura, that teacher wrote “stupid” I think.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, nice to meet you! Coming from vb.

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