Mommy Confession ~~~~~ Laundry

Laundry is awful, really it sucks because unless we become nudists there is always something to wash. Now I’m pretty good with getting it through the washer and the dryer. Yes some days it may sit in the washer for a bit, and get that icky stinky smell. I totally wash it again when that happens. Yes some times it will sit in the dryer for a while too!

 Though after the washing cycle this happens a lot. Yup into the laundry basket and when someone compains about not having something I’ll get around to folding it. Or there is my awesome husband who does it for me. He rocks!


6 thoughts on “Mommy Confession ~~~~~ Laundry

  1. Aliy, aren't husbands who help great! Leaving laundry in the dryer isn't as bad as leaving in the washing machine!! Made me smile!

  2. This made me laugh! So glad that my laundry room has a door on it, so when people come over they dont know what lurks behind there 🙂 My hubbie is good about helping, he washes during the week, and I and the big kids fold, and I agree with Erin leaving laundry in the dryer is fine, but not in the washing machine, has happened to me several times through the years.

  3. After a few “incidents,” I'm no longer allowed to even touch the laundry in my house! But that also means I'm no longer allowed to complain about any delay in said laundry's folding. 🙂

  4. I have a similar situation going on here… yes .. I too have forgotten laundry in the washer because I had been multi tasking and got busy… I've gone as far as re-washing the same load in the wash four times… but once in the dryer I am on top of it. My problem is ironing… we'll get to a point we need something and I haven't ironed it yet. {as I stare at the pile of clothes on my ironing board!} Blessings to you and yours.

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