Time flies when you are having fun

Yea so that is going to be my excuse why I haven’t posted anything in a bit. We have been keeping busy. Damian had a bunch of activities and then once those were done I just wanted some down time. Honestly we pretty much took the rest of November off and haven’t done much so far this December. I can say though my teaching style has adjusted a bit differently. A bit more than I expected. I find short bursts randomly of school seems to work best for us. we try and maintain a wee bit of a schedules as to what needs to get done each day but I’m really finding that following his needs and desires seems to work best to getting anything accomplished. In no way would I say we are at all unschooling because there is work that has to be done because we are in a distance learning program, but we are definitely relaxed about things. We are enjoying the ride and taking it one day at a time.