Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can be a wonderful place to learn so many different things. I like my children to know and realize that all their food costs money. While it does grow on trees and in the ground, unless we have a garden that we can grow these things, they must be purchased. We are also upfront with our children if something is unnecessary or unaffordable. These are things that can be taught in the store. The grocery store is full of unnecessary things, and it will really depend on your family on what you deem unnecessary.

The grocery store can be particularly good for discussing health and healthy eating habits. There is a vast amount of things to look at and discuss what you should and shouldn’t eat. Even just watching you shop can be a wonderful thing for children. They can see ( to a point) where their food comes from. Now you can always take that a step further depending on your area. Healthy eating habits are good to get into children while they are still young.
I do generally enjoy shopping with my children, though it is definitely easier to do it by myself. I try and make it as enjoyable as I can for both of us. We’ll play simple games i spy and guess how many. We’ll talk about where things come from and how thing are made. There are simple ways to make an everyday mundane trip, fun and exciting for kids.

Harbour Cruise

We had our first field trip at the end of September. It was very interesting to be able to go out into the harbour and see the sights a little more closely than usual. The boys enjoyed looking at the different boats, and looking for different harbour animals. it was exciting for them as we passed the shipping yard and they saw the large machines that picked up and moved the containers. All around it was a great trip, and enjoyed by all.

The boys checking the harbour for little fishes

My three little monkey looking out at the boats

Isn’t that just the sweetest face

The shipping yard

Checking out the sky line

Big cranes, and big containers

Ainsley having a good time

Such a silly D

The big orange shipping boat

Harbour seals

This was at the end, they were bored and done with the trip

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