Shapes, colours and patterns

This was not nearly as busy of a week, spent more time at home, doing things that needed to get done. Damian was a bit less enthusiastic about doing the work. He start with vim and vigour and it would dwindle and he would lose focus quicker. Once again confirming that brick and mortar schools wouldn’t be the best for him. I’m finding more and more if we have real hands on activities he seems to “get it” more. You can tell Damian things till you are blue in the face but there doesn’t seem to be a concrete and tangible reason for it he has no desire to do it. As well things go quicker and are done neater if I’m able to sit and do stuff with him. So generally speaking most of our homeschooling work happens when the baby is sleeping so I can focus more on Damian.

So mostly this week we were focusing on shapes, colours and patterns. Shapes he is good one and has been for awhile and the same goes with his colours. He knows them he has for awhile, it was more of a review. So of course colours mean art work. I love art! Bug is beginning to appreciate the creative and artistic side of things but really not nearly as into it as I am. I blame myself though, we don’t do it nearly enough and I just didn’t really leave the options open for him when he was young. I was afraid of mess and him colouring things that he shouldn’t. I’m still apprehensive but getting better and I’m allowing them t
o explore and be artistic as the energy flow allows them. This was really all about changing my mindset, but that is a whole other blog post. ( which I haven’t written yet )
Any ways back to the shapes and colours. I sent the boys on a shape hunt to find different shapes and how different shapes make up different things. Luckily I had the Playful Patterns by Discovery Toys which really helped with showing how different shapes together make different things.

It’s a fun little thing for them to do and explore and both boys liked doing it. Making pictures or putting together different shapes to make a new shape. So now we are on a quest to notice shapes everywhere we go and try to name them. We have the basic shapes down, square, rectangle, circle, triangle, diamond and oval. Not we are working on the more complicated ones and counting how many side they have. Also Damian has been pointing out how shapes with the same name look different. like different stars and triangles. I am amazed so often how much he takes in a recognizes things. What a smart little boy he is!!!


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