Life in the middle

Some days I feel so bad for Ainsley being the middle child must really suck at times. He’s a big boy but not big enough to do everything Bug does and never as quickly. He is still so young but more is expected of him than of Cale. He can do so much but he still wants to do more. He always want to be the leader he wants to do things first he wants to be number one. But with three children one of them can’t always be number one. “ME DO IT!!!” is probably the most common phrase out of him. He wants to get his own snack get his own water. (which was fine before it needed to be from the full jug out of the fridge, when it was just out of the sink in the bathroom) I let him to most thing for himself and then see if he needs help after he has tried. I am a stickler though if it makes a mess you need to clean it up. the water jug is a big one cause with tile floor covering it with water is really dangerous. Major hazard to ones health, which of course means extra fun for little boys. I’m not a big fan of hospitals and stitches so we really try and keep the floor dry.

I have a few things that really help me with Ainsley.
  • let him do as much as possible. And if he can’t let him try and then help him. Telling him he can’t do it only makes him angry
  • Have his brother allow him to be the leader, or pick first or whatever the issue is sometimes.
  • Give him HIS time. between homeschooling Bug and the care of lil Squish. Sometimes me and him just need to go sit and read a book, have a cuddle, talk a bit or play a game that is just focused on him.
  • Attack with love. Honestly when I just want to lose my cool I have to check myself, and warp him in my arms and hug and kiss him.
  • Allow him to have his big emotions. So far Bobo is being the standard toddler with the huge emotions that explode. they are true and real and when he is done we can deal with the issue.
  • Have real boundaries and limits that don’t change. Some things are just not optional. “No you can’t have the steak knife to cut up the cardboard by yourself”, it just isn’t safe. But this is where the helping comes in again.


There are days where i really sit back and go ” Am I completely insane??????” three children under five can be a bit nuts some days. But all in all my life is full of joy and wonder. I love each and everyone of them even with all their quirks. They are awesome children, and isn’t it a child’s job to drive mommy insane????

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